The Czechia is again “best in covid”, it is redeemed by a high number of deaths – ČT24 – Czech Television

Best in covid

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (YES) admitted that the government did not manage the epidemic last September when it came to the return of children to school and people on holiday. According to him, his August statement “Best in covid” was taken out of context and misused by some journalists and the opposition.

“I was now watching the video from last year, for which some journalists and the opposition scoff at me for saying ‘Best in covid’, but I said ‘V4’ (the country of the V4 group – Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary), “Babiš reminded on Wednesday.

“Then, of course, we did not manage to return to school and leave in September, let’s hope that we can do it much better this year,” he added, adding that the vaccinations and infertility of the population will also help. Now he has returned to rhetoric and praises the V4 countries for fighting the epidemic.

The Czechia is now one of the countries with the lowest numbers of newly infected. “This is due to the fact that we have already managed to inoculate half the population, but also because we have a relatively high rate of penetration. During the year when we were not the best in covid, almost 40,000 people probably died unnecessarily in our country as well, “adds Vladimír Piskala from the scientific editorial office of the Czech Television. This number shows people who have died in addition to the normal average of deaths over the last five years. Some of them were not directly on the covid, but perhaps in connection with the restriction of health care. There are over 30,000 deaths registered directly in connection with covid disease in the Czech Republic.

The Czechia is also one of the countries where coronavirus measures were the strictest and lasted the longest. The children stayed at home for a long time compared to other European countries.



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