Adalbert on the prankster! Hateful reactions due to …

“I was asked by Mr. Kraus and his colleagues to sing a song on the talk show. Some journalists, or so-called bullies, immediately grabbed it and addressed how it was possible for me to sing when it was forbidden. It is not like that. Concerts where singing is mostly prohibited are prohibited. I sang for […]

Best jokes: Prymula keeps entertaining thanks to regulations

Roman Prymula was elected the new Minister of Health and quickly showed the nation that he intended to rule with a hard hand. The new rules are literally a harvest for political satire, we have selected the best jokes about politics for you from the Czech internet, you are guaranteed to have fun! Adam Vojtěch’s […]

Prymula acts and jokes multiply: Emergency and lockdown can be fun

The coronavirus pandemic has been raging since the beginning of the year, and the situation has deteriorated dramatically in recent days, even breaking the record for new infections. However, humor does not leave the Czech Republic, we have a gallery of the best jokes about the state of emergency and covid! The new Minister of […]