Kiril Petkov: Nobody disputes the right of Northern Macedonia to identity

Kiril Petkov In no way do we question the identity and language of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov told Macedonian Sitel TV, quoted by MIA. Asked what his position is on the Macedonian language and people, he stressed that Bulgaria is the first country to recognize Northern Macedonia as an […]

Kostadin Filipov: The Macedonian Prime Minister must kiss the hand of Bulgarian politicians

The journalist believes that our relations with PCM are at the bottom. “Our relations with Northern Macedonia are currently at the bottom,” journalist Kostadin Filipov commented on BNT’s Panorama program. He noted that the term “upgrade” has been widely used in the media recently. According to him, with his behavior, Northern Macedonia is giving us […]

Christian Mickoski described Kiril Petkov as a politician who lacked courage

Kiril Petkov The leader of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE in RS Macedonia, Hristian Mickoski, described Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov as a politician who lacked courage. “Why am I saying this? Because if for him a political career is more important than good neighborly relations with us …, this is not honest and hypocritical. I can […]

Kozloduy NPP works for Romania and Serbia

The last pipe of Nord Stream 2 was welded on September 6. Between 3 pm and 4 pm yesterday, Bulgaria exported 870 megawatts of electricity to Romania and 568 megawatts to Serbia. We delivered 150 megawatts to northern Macedonia. This makes 1588 megawatts and is equal to the production of one and a half units […]

Two countries will become members of the European Union – media

Photo: Unsplash North Macedonia and Albania may join the EU Albania and North Macedonia have fulfilled all the conditions for starting negotiations on membership in the European Union. The authorities of the European Union have reached an agreement on the expansion of the bloc. In the near future, it will include North Macedonia and Albania. […]