In Ukraine, 9.8 million people experience food shortages – UNICEF

Nearly 10 million people are malnourished in Ukraine 1.1 million Ukrainians are experiencing an acute food shortage. Malnutrition affects 22.4% of the country’s population. Ukraine has the worst indicator in Europe in terms of the proportion of the population experiencing food shortages. According to data UNICEF, 9.8 million Ukrainians are malnourished. At the same time, […]

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted routine childhood immunization programs around the world

ILLUSTRATION. Officers wearing complete personal protective equipment (PPE) inject vaccines to children participating in the immunization program at the Ngagel Rejo Health Center, Tuesday (30/6/2020). Source: Reuters | Editor: Prihastomo Wahyu Widodo KONTAN.CO.ID – GENEVA. The Covid-19 pandemic is starting to have a real impact on children around the world. Nearly 23 million children have […]

UN warns of another aftermath of the pandemic

Mass vaccination campaigns for children have been postponed in dozens of countries around the world Globally, the rate of vaccination of children against measles, poliomyelitis, diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis has dropped dramatically, which can trigger outbreaks of these diseases. Last year, when the whole world was faced with the coronavirus pandemic, 23 million children did […]

Increase in child labor for twenty years: “We are all responsible”

Published on : 12/06/2021 – 06:38 A study by Unicef ​​reveals, on the occasion of World Child Labor Day, that 160 million minors were forced to work in 2020, or 8.4 million more in four years. A first for twenty years. They are invisible, but everywhere: servants between the walls of houses, workers hidden in […]

Unicef ​​calls on Catalan parties to give priority to childhood policies

The entity presents seven proposals focused on the welfare of minors Unicef’s Catalunya Committee has taken advantage of the Catalan elections of 14-F to present to the parties that attend these elections their proposals to improve the situation of the childhood in Catalonia. The entity has demanded that they give priority in their programs to […]

Corona vaccination: A divided vaccination world – Covax lacks the money

Geneva When American Seth Berkley talks about vaccination campaigns, he should know what he is talking about. The doctor of medicine and epidemiologist has been leading the international vaccine alliance Gavi in ​​Geneva since 2011. Under his direction, Gavi raised more than $ 16 billion from donors, and hundreds of millions of children in poor […]

Video: Syrians Demonstrate in Al-Hasaka Against Turkey’s Crimes

The Syrians once again protested to denounce the criminal acts of Turkey in Syria and the silence of the international community in this regard. As reported by the official Syrian news agency on Thursday YOU, thousands of Syrian civilians gathered in the Al-Hasaka province (northwest), to condemn Turkey’s crimes against the Syrian people, in particular […]

Don’t Delay Child Immunization During the Covid-19 Pandemic

loading… JAKARTA – Parents are naturally worried about joining the program immunization the basic child of the government when the Covid-19 pandemic was not over. Because this virus is very contagious and children are in the vulnerable category of contracting this virus. The number of positive cases is also increasing day by day, but the […]

UNICEF Appreciates the Government of Indonesia for Implementing Immunization

The community should really benefit from the immunization program. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – The international organization The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Indonesia appreciates the efforts of the Indonesian government in carrying out activities immunization to children aged five to 10 years. The nation’s future generations can be protected from threats disease life-threatening danger. Communication for […]