Seeing Woman Climbing Mount Carrying Toddler, Netizen: Isn’t It Dangerous?

Illustration of going up the mountain. (Pixabay) – A woman look Mountain climbing by barking toddler. His action caught the attention of netizens, until the appearance viral on social media. Netizens have highlighted a lot of this woman’s toughness in carrying a toddler when climbing Mountain. But there are those who question its safety. […]

Save The Children Indonesia Invites All Parties to Stop the Spread of Pneumonia

Jakarta: In Indonesia, based on the 2019 Indonesian Health Profile there are more than 400,000 cases. Based on research by John Hopkins University and Save the Children, it is said that prevention pneumonia not done, by 2030 there will be about 11 million child deaths. This is not a small number considering that pneumonia itself […]

Celebrate World Pneumonia Day, Get to Know More Forgotten Toddler Diseases

Chairperson of the Indonesian Pediatric Association’s Respirology Coordination Unit Dr.dr. Nastiti Kaswandani, Sp.A (K) gave signs that a child has pneumonia. According to him, the initial symptoms of pneumonia resemble a common cold such as coughs, colds and fever accompanied by prolonged weakness and lethargy. Symptoms of pneumonia usually last relatively longer than symptoms of […]

Seconds Shopkeeper Kicks a toddler to his knees, it turns out to be his own family

INDOZONE.ID – Recently, a video has circulated showing a shopkeeper kicking a toddler so strongly that he fell to his knees and then burst into tears. This video circulated on social media and drew criticism from netizens. “Not your enemy, bro, someone knows the location …,” wrote Bakri’s Facebook account, Saturday (7/11/2020). In the video, […]

Heartbreaking, Toddlers Locked in Cages and Surrounded by Abandoned Animals Page all

HENRY COUNTY, – Police have received a call for alleged animal cruelty on a property. However, after arriving at the scene, the police were surprised to find not only hundreds of animals displaced, but there is also one toddler locked up. Toddler locked up in a dog crate and surrounded by animals abandoned animals […]

His mother left drunk for 3 days, 3 year old boy was hungry and ate plastic

ODESSA, – A starving 3 year old boy was found chewing on a bag Plastic alone in a locked apartment. The boy named Volodya was locked alone by his mother, Natalia, who drunk drinking of Odessa, Ukraine south, for 3 days. The boy was found on Thursday (3/9/2020) in a state of hunger and […]