The World Seeks Alternatives to the US Dollar: Says Russian IMF Executive

The World Seeks Alternatives to the US Dollar: Says Russian IMF Executive

Title: United States’ Actions Fuel Global Search for Alternative to US Dollar Date: June 25, 2023 In a recent interview, Alexei Moran, the executive director of Russia to the International Monetary Fund, highlighted that the world is actively seeking an alternative to the US dollar, and interestingly, this situation has been created by the United … Read more

Girl spends mother’s 450,000 yuan savings on mobile games, transfers 100,000 yuan to classmate

(Picture / flip from Weibo) A woman surnamed Wang in Gongyi, Zhengzhou, Henan, China, recently discovered that there was only 50 cents (about 2 million NT dollars) left in her bank account with a deposit of nearly RMB 450,000 (equivalent to about 2 million NT dollars). Only then did I realize that it was my … Read more

Man Overcharged Girlfriend for Handling Bills

A foreign man overcharged his girlfriend by 5% for handling bills. (Schematic diagram / flipped from pexels) Couples often encounter the problem of who should pay the bill. Both parties should reach a consensus so as not to hurt their feelings. There is a man abroad who is responsible for handling the monthly bills, and … Read more

TrueMove H pays the third installment of the 700 MHz spectrum auction

Truemove H paid the third installment of the 700 MHz spectrum auction in the amount of 1,881,488,000 baht Assistant Professor Phumsit Mahawetsiri, Deputy Secretary General, Acting Secretary General of the National Telecommunications and Broadcasting Enterprise Broadcasting Commission (Interim Secretary General of NBTC) said True Move H Universal Communication Co., Ltd. (TUC) won the spectrum auction … Read more

In the video .. the Deputy Minister of “Hajj” reveals the possibility of installing Hajj fees in 3 installments and sets the terms for payment

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Deputy Minister of Hajj and Umrah Abdel-Fattah Mashat explained that Hajj fees can be paid in 3 installments. Emphasizing that this service is provided for the first time. He indicated during an interview with Al-Arabiya channel that in the past Dhaif Al-Rahman paid the amount directly to confirm his booking, and now he … Read more

Bassil to ‘Asas’: Mar Mikhael’s understanding is based on ‘reward and text’ and admire what Prince Muhammad bin Salman is doing

The head of the “Strong Lebanon Bloc” Gebran Bassil announced that he looks “at what the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is doing in Saudi Arabia with much appreciation and admiration for the speed with which he walks, breaking barriers and the ability to develop up to this point, not only in urbanization, but … Read more

Jeddah hospital asks ‘deceased’ to pay 62,000 riyals two years after her death, grandson tells details – video

Al-Marsad newspaper: A hospital in Jeddah has obtained a ruling obliging the family of a deceased woman to pay her an amount of 62,570 riyals, nearly two years after her death. In detail, Abd al-Majid al-Maalawi, the grandson of the lady, said her grandmother was hospitalized after experiencing shortness of breath, and after receiving treatment, … Read more

The economic crisis is pushing BMW to raise the prices of its 2023 cars

There have been media reports that BMW is set to raise its car prices in 2023 by a rate ranging from 1.2% to almost 4% worldwide, and this increase is attributed to the global economic crisis and the impact of inflation on the German home. According to CarBuzz, 41 different models will see some level … Read more

6 reasons to buy the new HUAWEI nova Y61 during the sales season

HUAWEI nova Y series has impressed many with its design philosophy, powerful performance and smooth user experience. As a smartphone series designed with the younger generation in mind, the HUAWEI nova Y series evolves according to the needs of younger users. The latest phone in the series, HUAWEI nova Y61, inherits the well-known basic design … Read more

NATO renews its unity with Russia and says it is willing to pay the high cost of its support for Ukraine

The thirty countries of the I WILL TAKE they reiterated in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Atlantic Alliance meeting in Madrid its firm commitment to Territorial integrity of Ukraine and they promised more humanitarian assistance and more weapons for Ukrainewho once again reclaimed his entry into the organization. The 269 deputies from NATO member countries … Read more