how to celebrate the Berlanga centenary in style

Last March the Government decided to create the Spanish Cinema Day, in order to recognize the role of filmmakers in the life of our country. An event that will be held every October 6, in tribute, precisely, to the end of the filming of the film That happy couplez, which Berlanga and Bardem directed and […]

2,314 high-risk patients receive the vaccine today at Ifevi

A total of 2,314 people from the so-called high-risk group are summoned today to be vaccinated at the Vigo Fair Institute (Ifevi). Among them are people who have undergone a transplant, who are receiving renal replacement treatment (hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis), with oncohematological disease in the last 5 years or not controlled, people with solid […]

The weekend looks very unstable and at risk of storms this Friday in León

Leticia Pérez / ICAL. Hail storm, file. | 09/04/2021 – 08: 02h. Spring has these things. The changes are abundant and sometimes abrupt and now, after many days of unusual heat and stability, which have even exceeded Easter, it seems that there is instability and even a high probability of heavy showers in the […]

Coronavirus in Navarra: the vaccine arrives after Easter to high-risk patients

They are transplanted people, with cancer, in hemodialysis or with Down syndrome – Health has yet to determine their population and where they will be vaccinated It was able to pass discreetly in a long press conference about the update of a long and complex vaccination schedule, but it was very remarkable and a great […]

“For banks we already represent a sector of high financial risk”

At the beginning of the pandemic, in March and April, “everything was creeping in. Not anymore. Now there are hotels that have gone to request a second ICO and have been denied, “he says. “Either direct aid arrives and we stop being an asshole, as we have done up to now, or this sector is […]

Pension Fund begins to switch to Russian ALT and Astra Linux

09/25/2020, Fri, 18:18, Moscow time , Text: Denis Voeikov The Pension Fund decided to adapt the module of its AIS PFR-2, associated with electronic signatures and encryption, to work with the domestic OS Astra Linux and ALT Linux. Now the module works on Windows and CentOS. Russian Linux for FIU As CNews found out, the […]