Jeddah hospital asks ‘deceased’ to pay 62,000 riyals two years after her death, grandson tells details – video

Al-Marsad newspaper: A hospital in Jeddah has obtained a ruling obliging the family of a deceased woman to pay her an amount of 62,570 riyals, nearly two years after her death.

In detail, Abd al-Majid al-Maalawi, the grandson of the lady, said her grandmother was hospitalized after experiencing shortness of breath, and after receiving treatment, they reported that she was suspected of being infected with the virus. Corona, and must be hypnotized to follow her condition.

He added: They said the cost of her treatment would be borne by the Ministry of Health, as she had been infected with the Corona virus, and we asked to refer her to a government hospital, and she was refused because there was no bed , and remained in the private hospital until her departure.

She added that the hospital is asking her family to pay 62,570 riyals for her grandmother’s treatment, adding: There has been no response from the Ministry of Health regarding my grandmother’s crisis.

And he continued: I wish the Ministry of Health to form a committee to resolve the problem with the private hospital, and the death occurred after two years of health problems, so she was hospitalized and died naturally.

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