5 Indonesian YouTubers with the Highest Earnings, Who is the Richest?

Jakarta – Guess who YouTuber Indonesia with the highest income! It is undeniable that this profession can be a wet field. Now the YouTuber profession and content creators have become a dream for young people because they not only provide creative freedom, but can also promise a good income. Unmitigated, YouTuber income can be equated […]

Let’s get to know the Earth’s lithosphere more closely

Jakarta – Detikers, do you know what it is lithosphere? Or this is the first time detikers hear it? Well, rather than wondering what it is lithosphere, let’s just look at the discussion below. What is the lithosphere? Well, etymologically the lithosphere itself comes from lithos which means rock as well sphere which means circle. […]

Organs and How the Human Respiratory System Works

Jakarta – Detikers, of course you already know that breathing is one of the important vital signs in the body of living things, including humans, right? Basically, if a person has difficulty breathing, there must be a problem with his health, especially with his human respiratory system. In general, human respiratory system is a group […]

Planetary Companion Objects and their Types

Jakarta – The solar system is not only filled with planets. Apart from planets, there are also other celestial bodies, one of them planetary companion celestial body namely satellite. Satellites are objects orbiting planets with certain periods of revolution and rotation. Satellites circulate around the planet and together around the sun. When a satellite orbits […]

7 Ways to Overcome Nasal Congestion Naturally

Jakarta – How to deal with nasal congestion can be done the natural way. Nasal congestion and sinus pressure can be caused for many reasons. Some of them are colds, flu and allergies. When you have a cold or an allergy, the membranes that line your nasal passages become inflamed and irritated. They begin to […]

The best time to drink coffee is not in the morning, so when?

Jakarta – Many people consume coffee in the morning for reasons of improving performance. However, the morning is not it best time to drink coffee. So, when is the right time to consume coffee? Best Time to Drink Coffee Quoted from the book ‘Coffee: Because Tastes Cannot Be Arguably’ by Dani Hamdan & Aries Sontani, […]

5 Blood Sugar Lowering Foods for Diabetes, Anything?

Jakarta – Blood sugar lowering foods the best are whole grains, fruits and nuts and garlic. In addition, vegetables, fruits and oatmeal are suitable for consumption by diabetics. If you have diabetes or may be at risk, it’s best to start regulating blood sugar levels by following a healthy diet. In addition, you also need […]

Kunstmuseum Bern Masterpieces – Kunstmuseum Bern

Catalogs / books / DVD 175 masterpieces were selected from the immense inventory of over 3,000 paintings, sculptures and objects – including top-class works of Swiss and international art from the late 13th century to the present day. In addition to the highlights of European art history from the Art Museum’s collection, presented chronologically and […]

10 Traditional Natural Flu and Cough Remedies with Home Products

Jakarta – Natural cold and cough medicine traditionally derived from household ingredients. When the body aches, there will also be pain, fever, chills and congestion. There are many home remedies that can relieve cold symptoms as well as coughs. Cough and flu are diseases that easily attack anyone, especially when the immune system is weak. […]