“Mortada Mansour’s family left stunned upon wait outside prison gates”

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The family of the president of the Egyptian club, Mortada Mansour, and a number of his supporters were deeply shocked after they had been present since the early morning in front of the prison gate. After spending a long time outside the walls of the residence waiting for his exit, the family was […]

Upstate New York highway crash claims lives of six individuals.

Louisville, New York. Six people were killed in upstate New York when a cargo truck and a bus carrying more than a dozen people collided near the US-Canada border Saturday, state police said. Three other people were injured, one of them in critical condition. They were being treated at an area hospital, authorities said. About […]

This was the spectacular road accident between a Lobo and a Tiguan

Chihuahua.- Readers of this information portal shared videos of the road accident that occurred between a Lobo truck and a Tiguan, both of recent models, on Rio de Janeiro avenue. In a matter of seconds, it is observed how the Ford Lobo truck collides with the median of said avenue and is projected against the […]

They rescue and arrest a man who stole a police car and crashed on a train track

ATLANTA, Ga. (Telemundo Atlanta) – A 29-year-old man is facing multiple charges following reports that the subject robbed an Atlanta police cruiser this Saturday. Police officials said that at approximately 2:10 am, a police officer was speaking with a driver he had just pulled over for a minor violation in the area of ​​2841 Greenbriar […]