Threatening French girl insulting Islam and the Koran, 11 people convicted

loading… PARIS – A French court convicted 11 of 13 people charged with harassing and threatening a teenage girl who insulted Islam and the holy Koran. The 18-year-old girl who claims to be an atheist spit out insulting words through a barrage posting on social media. The girl, identified only by her short name Mila, […]

Crown Prince: Practicing the Qur’an, Brunei Away from Corona

Brunei Darussalam prioritizes and fully believes in the practice of the Qur’an. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN-The Crown Prince and Senior Minister at the Office of the Prime Minister of Brunei Darussalam, Prince al-Muhtadee Billah Bolkiah, linked security Brunei Darussalam from Covid-19 with the practice of prayer and sholawat, as described in the Koran. “Alhamdulillah, Brunei […]

Al-Fil’s Koran notes on the pretext of bombarding Gaza, Israel is silent

loading… GAZA – Government Israel refused to comment on the use of the Qur’an Surat Al-Fil as a pretext to justify its military bombarding Gaza, Palestine . The Israeli government’s Arabic-language Twitter account has shared Quranic verses from Surat Al-Fil as if its military were on the right side. Also read: Help Palestine, Pakistani politicians […]

Scripture Don’t Be a Toy

Jakarta – Indonesian Council of Ulama (MUI) responded to the actions of a man named Qaimul Haki (42) in Pekanbaru which is insulting Al-Qur’an via the TikTok application. MUI was surprised because the holy month of Ramadan, which should have been used to glorify the Qur’an, was used by Qaimul to insult the Qur’an. “We […]

5 Amazing Science Facts in the Quran

Jakarta – Fact science about the universe is already listed in Al Quran. This can be seen from the content in the form of information or other evidence that corroborates its truth. There are so many knowledge and wisdom in the Al Quran, but until now it has not been fully revealed. Here are some […]

Ahead of Ramadan, This Application Can Optimize Worship

IDXChannel – There’s no denying presence application on a smartphone makes everyday activities easier. Especially before the month of Ramadan, such as today, there are applications such as Muslim Pro can be very helpful for worship activities. Muslim Pro is an application for Muslims with very complete features. The Muslim Pro application is available free […]