The Russian Foreign Ministry threatened “individual countries” with consequences for participating in the Crimean platform

Zakharova called Ukraine’s initiative “populism” and “a political spectacle divorced from reality.” “At the same time, as we warned, we will be forced to view the participation of individual countries, international organizations and their representatives in the Crimean platform as an encroachment on the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation, which will inevitably have a […]

Spain’s refusal to let Russian ships in Moscow commented on the words of Russophobia in NATO

“We learned about the refusal with bewilderment. […] This situation looks at least strange, especially against the background of the existing positive practice of interaction on the entry of Russian warships into Spanish ports. This step undoubtedly contradicts the spirit of the declaration on strategic partnership signed between the two countries in 2009, as well […]

In Lviv, they plan to dismantle the Soviet star at the military memorial “Field of Mars”. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation sent a note to Ukraine

On July 19, the department for the protection of the historical environment of the Lviv City Council, in response to the appeal of the Public Association “Suspense of Maybutny Lviv”, announced that together with the LKP “Museum” Lychakivsky Tsvintar “they were preparing a draft decision of the executive committee on dismantling the Soviet star placed […]

Lavrov in China put on a mask with the inscription FCKNG QRNTN / GORDON

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, during a visit to the country that started the global pandemic, put on a mask with the inscription FCKNG QRNTN. During his official visit to China, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov put on a protective mask with an inscription in English FCKNG QRNTN. Video with a diplomat published in the […]

You just need to decide now / GORDON

Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov, who was summoned to Moscow for consultations after White House head Joe Biden said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is a murderer, does not know how long he will spend in Russia. Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov summoned from the United States said that a lot of work […]