The Russian Foreign Ministry said that Nuland received permission to come to Moscow in exchange for lifting sanctions against Russians

She said that Nuland’s visit to Moscow is planned at the initiative of Washington, but she is among the Americans who are subject to sanctions in Russia and could not be allowed into Russian territory.

According to Zakharova, the issue was resolved “on an equal footing.”

Which of the Russians was removed from the sanctions lists, the Russian Foreign Ministry speaker did not specify.

Nuland’s visit is scheduled for October 11-13. Among the topics that intend to discuss at the talks – the situation in Ukraine.


In May 2019, Nuland, at a hearing in the US Congress, called for tougher sanctions against Russia. Shortly thereafter, Moscow included her in “black list” in May 2019. It was drawn up in response to US anti-Russian personal sanctions.

This spring, Nuland took the post of US Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs in April 2021.

The media reported that Moscow could issue a Russian visa to Nuland so that she would come to Russia in the near future. Nuland’s key interlocutor in Moscow will be Dmitry Kozak, deputy head of the presidential administration, and the main topic of the meeting will be Ukrainian topics, specified the sources of the newspaper “Kommersant”.

Nuland is one of the key American diplomats and politicians, responsible for supporting Ukraine during the events at Euromaidan and in the subsequent tough military confrontation with Russia.

The American diplomat gained the greatest fame in Russia after she personally visited the Maidan to distribute sandwiches to the participants of the demonstrations.



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