Russia Condemns Israel’s Airstrike in Syria: Risk of Broader Regional Conflict

Russia Condemns Israel’s Airstrike in Syria: Risk of Broader Regional Conflict

Moscow – Government Russia condemned the airstrike Israel who are increasingly frequenting the region Syria some time ago. Moscow views such attacks as risking an expansion of the war between Israel and Hamas into broader regional conflicts. As reported AFPWednesday (1/11/2023), this criticism was conveyed by the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov held … Read more

Russian Minister Lavrov Questions Biden and Zelensky’s Statements on Russian Nuclear Threat

Russian Minister Lavrov Questions Biden and Zelensky’s Statements on Russian Nuclear Threat

saying lately. I think only qualified doctors can give a competent opinion on this subject,” Lavrov said. Lavrov’s comments come after both President Biden and President Zelensky made statements regarding the Russian nuclear threat. President Biden, on June 19, stated that Vladimir Putin’s threat to use tactical nuclear weapons was “real”. This came just days … Read more

Foreign Ministers of the BRICS Countries Meet in Cape Town to Strengthen Partnership and Address Western Dominance

They hadn’t met for four years. The Foreign Ministers of the BRICS group meet in Cape Town, South Africa, from this Thursday until tomorrow Friday June 2. Ministers from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are expected to discuss ongoing challenges to strengthen their partnership and weigh in on what they perceive as Western … Read more

The hall ridiculed Lavrov at a forum in New Delhi: he complained about the “war started against the Russian Federation” – video – Ukrainian news, Politics

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrova ridiculed when he began voicing false Kremlin narratives about the Russian war against Ukraine during the Raisina Dialogue conference in New Delhi. Follow us on Telegram: only important and verified news “The war that we are trying to stop, and which was launched against us using the … Read more

Minister of Foreign Affairs Lavrov Calls the West “Too Much” Wanting to Destroy Russia

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The conflict between Russia and Western countries is getting hotter. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused the West of wanting not “just” to help Ukraine, but also to destroy Moscow. Lavrov also blasted European Union head Ursula von der Leyen who visited Kyiv on the same day. His visit with the … Read more

Lavrov accused the United States of trying to “finally resolve the” Russian question “through Ukraine. He was answered in Kyiv and Washington

Lavrov’s propaganda statement quotes RBC. He said the USAorganized a coalition of almost all Europeans who are members of NATO and not only, EU members too, and through Ukraine, by proxy, they are waging war against Russia” with the alleged goal of “the final solution of the” Russian question “. “Just as Hitler wanted to … Read more

Sirens sounded all over Ukraine. Although Russia has announced a 36-hour ceasefire | January 7th ’23

Sirens sounded all over Ukraine. Russia also declares a 36-hour ceasefire. Last night, sirens went off all over Ukraine. She warned people to be careful when leaving the house. Despite Russia declaring a 36-hour ceasefire to allow citizens to celebrate Orthodox Christmas as Western Allies Send More Aid to Ukraine After Russia is reportedly preparing … Read more

“The furthest went to Washington.” Lavrov complained of Putin’s “threat of physical removal”.

Lavrov said this while discussing the possibility of using nuclear weapons. According to the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, in the West “irresponsible speculation that Russia is going to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine is incessantly unfolding”, while Russia is allegedly talking about “completely different things”. “KuThe West’s quest for total containment of our … Read more

USA-NATO directly involved in the war in Ukraine!

Fly – Minister of Foreign Affairs (Menlu) Russia Sergei Lavrov especially blame the West United States of America (USA) and alliances BORNwas directly involved in the ongoing war in Ukrainesending supplies of weapons and training the Kiev army. As reported Associated presson Friday (2/12/2022), Lavrov in a video call with reporters also explained that Russian … Read more