How was the last Queen of Hawaii overthrown?

Psuddenly Mary pauses. Lower your voice, cast your eyes down, become very still. The warmth and cordiality with which she welcomed us, the friendly gentleness that harmonizes so perfectly with the long, floral dress and the flower in her hair – everything has evaporated in one fell swoop. Mary, aware of the effect, lets the […]

USA: Russia can attack Ukraine and repeat the operation for the annexation of Crimea

PHOTO: Reuters The United States has warned its European allies that Russia could attack Ukraine and repeat its operation to annex Crimea in 2014. U.S. officials unofficially informed their EU counterparts of a possible military operation as tens of thousands of Russian troops are stationed near the Ukrainian border, writes the British newspaper The Telegraph. […]

A virtual museum of Russian aggression was launched in Ukraine / GORDON

Mammadov spoke about the idea of ​​creating such a museum in an interview ZN.UA in November 2020. He specified then that, in addition to the Office of the Prosecutor General, the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance, the presidential office in Crimea, human rights activists and international organizations are working on the project. “From idea to […]

Crimean platform is a very strong blow to Putin personally / GORDON

This came up after the journalist mentioned that after statements from Turkey regarding the occupation of the Ukrainian peninsula by Russia, “Putin suddenly did not like turkish tomatoes“. “The Crimean platform is a very strong blow to President Putin personally. Therefore, we understand his emotional reaction and we are satisfied with it. This means that […]

The Russian Foreign Ministry threatened “individual countries” with consequences for participating in the Crimean platform

Zakharova called Ukraine’s initiative “populism” and “a political spectacle divorced from reality.” “At the same time, as we warned, we will be forced to view the participation of individual countries, international organizations and their representatives in the Crimean platform as an encroachment on the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation, which will inevitably have a […]