Degradable Plastics: Plastic Pollution Solutions

Every day, the most dominant household waste is plastic waste. The existing plastic waste also causes many problems. Starting from floods, air pollution, human health, and much more. From the problems caused by plastic waste, scientists are encouraged to create plastic degradable as a solution to these problems. As the name implies, plastic degradable is […]

Bavaria Yachtbau: Shortage of materials leads to more warehousing

Michael Müller (left) and Marc Diening (Photo: Bavaria Yachtbau) On August 1, 2021, Germany’s largest manufacturer of sports boats, Bavaria Yachtbau (Giebelstadt), will have a new boss: Marc Diening (45) will succeed Michael Müller (64), who is moving to the company’s advisory board. For the past five years, Diening was head of the fire protection […]

Microbes from Cow’s Stomach Could Help Recycle Plastic Waste – All Pages

Wallpaper Safari Scientists discovered an interesting fact that some of the microbes present in the stomach of cows can eat certain types of plastic.—Scientists discovered the interesting fact that a number of microbes which is in the stomach cow can eat types Plastic certain. Types Plastic that can be eaten by microbes these include […]

Cows will be used to destroy plastic waste

Cows’ stomachs consist of four compartments, and one of them, the rumen, can provide a way around plastic waste. Bacteria in the rumen produce enzymes that can break down some commonly used plastics. By studying this property, scientists are looking for new technologies for processing such materials after use. Ultimately, bacteria in cows’ stomachs can […]

We will now pay for coffee cups and food boxes

A ban on disposable plastic products is postponed until October 3 SMEs will be funded to develop alternatives Plastic cups and fast food cans will now be paid for by customers along with their contents on site. Such a measure was introduced for plastic bags in stores some time ago. The aim is to significantly […]

European plastic ban takes effect: goodbye cotton swabs and swabs…

The European directive that bans so-called ‘single use plastics’ will come into effect from this weekend. Stores are no longer allowed to sell disposable plastic cups, cutlery, plates, straws and stirrers. The directive was already announced in 2018: the European Commission was going to restrict the single use of plastic. This concerns disposable items such […]

The British turned himself into a “non-binary Korean”

Photo: Oli London underwent 15 plastic surgeries Oli London spent $ 150,000 on plastic surgery to look like South Korean singer Jimin. British singer Oli London has gone through 15 plastic surgeries to look like his idol, South Korean vocalist Jimin of BTS. Told by the tabloid Daily Mail. It is noted that the […]

Car tire wear is the largest source of microplastics – SWR knowledge

Where does most of the microplastics come from? Drinking straws, disposable dishes and bags are hotly debated politically, but the abrasion of car tires is far more problematic. Download audio (5.6 MB | MP3) In total, around 100,000 tons of microplastics are produced in Germany every year. They have Federal Institutes for Hydrology and for […]

Researchers have been able to produce vanilla aroma from plastic bottles for recycling

Will vanilla ice cream taste good in the near future thanks to recycled plastic? It is quite possible. Thanks to genetically modified bacteria, scientists have succeeded in obtaining vanillin from plastic bottles, which, in addition to the food industry, is also widely used in pharmacy and perfumery. According to the authors of a study published […]