“She is desperate and in crisis,” says the family of a deputy held in Oaxaca

Oaxaca de Juárez.– After almost 72 hours of the retention of the local deputy Yarith Tannos Cruz (PRI), on behalf of residents of the municipal agencies of San Juan Mazatlan Mixe who blocked federal highway 185 since last Monday, her family denounces that the legislator is in a psychological crisis due to the increase in […]

Migrants die of Covid in NY and return in ashes to Puebla

The lawyer’s phone Lorraine lucero it even rang up to more than three times an hour for help. They asked him what to do with the bodies of poblanos killed by Covid-19 in New York. The disease had been raging for less than a month and not even the authorities of New York nor those […]

Hilo de Nube, started on Facebook and today wears huipiles throughout Mexico

Hilo de Nube emerged almost 7 years ago almost by chance. The intention of its founders Yoari López and Yovegami Ascona It was not to create a company, but to contribute to the revaluation and good remuneration of the work of the artisans of the San Juan Guichicovi region, Oaxaca, who make garments. dress embroidered […]

Hospital for orchids installed in Oaxaca to conserve the species

A woman managed to install and operate the first orchid hospital in Oaxaca and one of the few in southeastern Mexico, where she offers specialized treatment and care to the more than 25 thousand species of this flower that exist. Malú Cruz, project leader, narrates that three years ago, after having undergone a dangerous surgery, […]

Preliminary magnitude 5.1 earthquake shakes Oaxaca

The movement was registered at 2:36 p.m., with a latitude of 14.53, longitude -95.57 and a depth of 10 kilometers. The Mexican Red Cross in Oaxaca reported that so far a white balance is reported. “So far #SaldoBlanco report our delegations in #Oaxaca by #equake at 2:36 PM”, reported on his Twitter account. .

An earthquake is registered in the southeast of Oaxaca

At 2:36 p.m. this Friday, a earthquake in Crucecita, Oaxaca, reported the National Seismological. The preliminary magnitude was 5.1 and occurred 150 km southeast of Crucecita. “Preliminary: EARTHQUAKE Magnitude 5.1 Loc. 150 km SOUTHEAST of CRUCECITA, OAX 08/21/20 14:36:23 Lat 14.53 Lon -95.57 Prof 10” the agency reported through its social networks. Preliminary: EARTHQUAKE Magnitude […]