Do students still have to disinfect hands and how dangerous is…

Schools open, no masks in the classroom, and autumn just around the corner: should we worry about a fourth wave? Or has the vaccination campaign completely changed the situation? We received a whole series of reader questions about corona and the start of the new school year from you. We presented them to virologist Steven […]

The 10 most sought-after jobs for the start of the 2021 school year | Blog

To support the post-pandemic economic recovery, companies face major skills needs. On the one hand, the vital functions without which companies cannot function, on the other, the professions that have become essential to growth, such as digital experts and salespeople. Are you looking for a job or considering a career change? Know that for these […]

One day before the new school year, parents hear that school m… (Tienen)

Have – September 1 will not be a fun day for Mats and Jade and 34 other students, because they can no longer go to their school, Het Atelier in Tienen. The secondary method school behind the station, which only started up last year, has to close. They didn’t get it until Tuesday. “One day […]

Confused return; concern omission for online classes – El Sol de Toluca

Family members and teachers of the basic level of the State of Mexico questioned that in the next school year, which begins on Monday, there is no clarity in all schools about how the online classes will be held. Officially it has been reported that the return to classes will be in the face-to-face, distance […]

What applies to starting school in RLP? SWR news

School in Rhineland-Palatinate starts again on Monday after the summer vacation. For the students, this means, among other things, to observe the new corona rules again: “We are starting the new school year with caution and confidence,” said Education Minister Stefanie Hubig (SPD) with a view to August 30th. Today we know more about the […]

Festival. French-speaking cinema makes its comeback in Angoulême

The Angoulême French-language film festival starts this Tuesday, August 24, 2021. In recent years, at the end of August, it has often set the tone for what will be the cinema year. The first French festival to relaunch last year, it intends to prove that despite a still critical context for cinemas, “The desire to […]