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Javier Bátiz, Mentor of Carlos Santana, Hospitalized for Emergency Heart Studies in Tijuana – Latest Updates and Health Condition

Javier Bátiz, prominent musician and mentor of Carlos Santana, is undergoing cardiac studies to evaluate his health, after being admitted in an emergency to a hospital in Tijuana (Alberto Batiz)

Javier Bátiz, revered by many as the mentor of the legendary Carlos Santana, was admitted to an emergency hospital due to health problems. Currently, he is undergoing a series of studies to evaluate his cardiac function to determine the extent of his medical condition.

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In a video released by Claudia Madrid, wife of the renowned musician, she reported that the legendary guitarist is in a delicate state of health, being treated at a private hospital in Tijuana.

The 79-year-old artist is facing pneumonia that affects his glucose level, and is scheduled to undergo a series of studies to evaluate his heart rate.

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It is important to note that the musician’s wife flatly denied the rumors about her partner’s death, emphasizing that although his health is delicate, doctors have assured that he is stable and is not in imminent danger.

Javier Bátiz hospitalized in an emergency due to health complications in Tijuana (Peko Bebe)

Concern for Bátiz’s health arose when, after participating in an event at the National Cinematheque to commemorate the 52nd anniversary of the Avándaro Festival, he began to experience discomfort. According to Claudia Madrid, her husband felt upset after an experience with a seismic alarm during his stay in Mexico City, and later developed persistent hiccups after a presentation in the Roma neighborhood.

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After being rushed to the hospital, it was discovered that Bátiz had fluid accumulation in his lung and high glucose levels, as well as signs of possible heart problems.

“They didn’t let him leave anymore, because he had pneumonia with water in his lung and he had a little high blood sugar and prostate, they found something in his heart. He is delicate, he is not serious, I am sure he will get out of this,” Madrid mentioned.

Carlos Santana’s mentor, Javier Bátiz, faces a delicate state of health after being admitted to a private hospital, where his cardiac and respiratory situation is being evaluated (Breaking News)

Claudia Madrid called for solidarity from the musician’s followers, explaining that both she and Bátiz lack medical insurance, so hospital expenses fall entirely on them.

He deeply appreciated the support of those who have created support accounts and is requesting donations through a page abroad, whose link is https://www.gofundme.com/f/javier-batiz-gastos-medicos?utm_campaign=p_li…, as well as through the Banorte bank account, in the name of Claudia Madrid Hernández, with the number 5264 2468 1245 1812.

Javier Isaac Medina, known artistically as “El brujo” Javier Batíz, is an emblematic figure in the history of Mexican rock, revered as the father of the genre in the country due to his profound influence on its evolution and development.

Claudia Madrid clarifies the condition of her husband, the iconic guitarist Javier Bátiz, ensuring that, despite the severity, he is stable and under medical care (Javier Bátiz)

His passion for music manifested itself from an early age, when he began to explore the world of the guitar. This passion led him to form his first band, Los TJ’s, which fused different styles such as blues, jazz and the characteristic rhythm of Chuck Berry.

Santana, one of the most influential guitarists of all time, took classes with Bátiz in his formative years to perfect his technique.

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