Revealed, North Korea Could Produce More Uranium Than Current Levels

loading… WASHINGTON – North Korea (North Korea) can get all the uranium needed for nuclear weapons through the existing Pyongsan facilities. Satellite images of the tailings pile show North Korea can produce far more nuclear fuel than it does. The results of the latest academic study were released by Al Arabiya on Thursday (4/11/2021). Despite […]

Kim Jong Un Asks People to Eat Less Until 2025, Why?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The government of North Korea (North Korea) urges its citizens to eat less until 2025. This phenomenon occurs because of the increasingly serious food crisis in the country of Kim Jong Un. The food crisis in North Korea has been around for a long time. However, this time it was even […]

US and South Korea Secretly Hold War Exercises, No Name and No Announcement

loading… SEOUL – United States of America (US) and South Korea (South Korea) have started the latest war games without public announcement or naming of the drills. The exercise was held as tensions with North Korea (North Korea) escalate. Military sources in South Korea explained on Monday (11/1/2021), the South Korean and United States Air […]

Food Crisis, Kim Jong-un Tells Residents to Eat Black Swans

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — North Korea reportedly experiencing food crisis. As a result of this problem, the North Korean government ordered its citizens to eat less to make black swans as a substitute for food. Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un reportedly asked the government and people of North Korea to breed ornamental black swans for food […]

Crisis, North Korea reportedly tells citizens to eat less until 2025

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — In the midst of a food crisis, North Korea reportedly ordered its citizens to eat less until the government opened the border with China in 2025 to come. A resident told Radio Free Asia that two weeks ago, the North Korean government visited people’s homes to inform them that the food […]

Kim Jong-un Weight Loss 20 Kg, Still Healthy

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Intelligence South Korea reported that the highest leader’s weight North Korea, Kim Jong-un, down 20 kilograms. However, they confirmed that Kim was still healthy. Associated Press reported that a number of South Korean intelligence officials presented the results of an investigation into Kim’s health in a closed parliamentary meeting on Thursday […]

Weight Loss 20 Kg, Kim Jong Un Healthy? This is the latest news

Jakarta – Kim Jong Un recently reported to have lost weight up to 20 kilograms. However, it was also mentioned that the North Korean leader is still in fairly healthy condition in facing a series of economic problems in the country. South Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) said it used artificial intelligence techniques to investigate […]

North Korea Has the Largest Special Forces in the World so Dare to Make fun of the US

loading… SEOUL – North Korea (North Korea) often mocks its rivals, including the United States (US), with its devastating nuclear weapons despite its dire economic and social situation. Another dangerous weapon is special forces which, according to defectors, is the largest in the world. Kim Kuk-song—a senior North Korean spy who defected to South Korea, […]

Who is Kim Yo Jong who is rumored to have carried out the Kim Jong Un coup?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has reportedly been ousted. This time the mastermind of the coup was rumored to be his own younger sister, Kim Yo Jong. The incident took place between May 6 and June 5, 2021. Reports of Kim Yo Jong Kim’s coup was first reported by a […]