North Korean Soldiers in Tight Blue Uniforms Shock Netizens

Pyongyang – A soldier North Korea caught the attention of netizens because his appearance was the most striking among other soldiers. While the others wore brown military uniforms in general, he alone wore a unique, tight blue uniform. The ‘weird’ soldier stood with about 30 soldiers with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un who also […]

The DPRK military showed how they break concrete with their heads

Photo: screenshot Special Forces of the DPRK The fighters demonstrated in front of Kim Jong-un their skills of lying on broken glass and breaking concrete with their hands. At a military exhibition in Pyongyang, North Korean special forces demonstrated their ability to smash bricks and bend iron bars with their fists. The corresponding video was […]

Nuclear Weapons for Self-Defense, Not to Start War

loading… SEOUL – Leader North Korea (Jewelry), Kim Jong-un , vowed to build an invincible military in the face of hostile policies United States of America (US). He added that the development of weapons was for self-defense, not for starting wars. Kim made the remarks at a rare defense exhibition, the 2021 Self-Defense exhibition held […]

Showing off weapons, Kim Jong-un boasts that North Korea’s military is invincible

loading… PYONGYANG – The supreme leader North Korea (North Korea) Kim Jong-un boasts of his country’s “invincible” military during a large-scale arms exhibition. He lashed out at Washington for hypocritically speaking about peace while stirring up a dispute between Pyongyang and Seoul. Speaking at the Defense Self-Defense Development Exhibition-2021 in Pyongyang on Monday (11/10/2021), Kim […]

The media talks about Kim Jong-un’s secret hobby

Kim Jong-un spotted at Pyongyang industrial design exhibition The North Korean leader took up industrial design. In particular, he is interested in bottles and cargo ships. Once every few months, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un mysteriously disappears from public space, creating a wave of rumors. Journalists The Times it is believed that during this time […]

Kim Jong-un says he is building an “invincible army”

Kim Jong-un criticized the US and South Korea The North Korean leader said about the need to build up military power in the south, noting that he does not want to fight with his neighbor, South Korea. The DPRK will continue to strengthen its self-defense forces to counter hostile forces. This was stated by the […]

Gloomy Economy, Kim Jong-un Warns North Korean Officials Not Demanding Special Treatment

loading… PYONGYANG – Kim Jong-un , leader North Korea (North Korea) warned its officials not to demand special treatment from the people because of the gloomy economic conditions. Instead, he urged officials to help improve the lives of the people. The warning of Pyongyang’s young leader, as reported KCNA, Monday (11/10/2021), delivered in a speech […]

Kim Jong-un’s sister who will become the most dangerous woman in the world

loading… PYONGYANG – Kim Yo-jong , the leader’s younger brother North Korea (Jewelry) Kim Jong-un , again stole the attention of the international community after being appointed as Chair of the State Affairs Commission—the country’s highest government body. She is on the path to becoming the most dangerous woman in the world. Not long ago, […]

Fired by Kim Jong-un’s Regime, What Are Hypersonic Missiles?

loading… SEOUL – Regime Kim Jong-un North Korea’s ruling power (North Korea) has fired a mysterious missile on Tuesday (28/9/2021) which is claimed to be hypersonic missile . North Korean state media said the advanced weapon was the latest technological advance of the nuclear-armed state and could be a factor in the strategic balance. Also […]

Kim Jong-un demanded to resume hotline with South Korea

According to him, the proposal of US President Joe Biden to resume the dialogue on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula is a “sly cover” for the hostile policy of Washington. Negotiations between Pyongyang and Washington stalled after the failure of the Hanoi summit in February 2019 between Kim Jong-un and then President Donald Trump. […]