how does Joe Biden’s America see the world?

The submarine crisis between France and the United States has reaffirmed American priorities in the world. And Europe is no longer one of them. “America First”, Donald Trump proclaimed it at will in his meetings. Joe Biden, he does not say it so loudly, but in fact he is on this line, like all American […]

The other Afghan boy, poisoned by toadstools, died

The second of two little Afghan brothers, who were poisoned by mushrooms at a Polish refugee center last week, also died. According to the daily Gazeta Wyborcza, Katarzyna Gardzińská, a spokeswoman for the children’s clinic in Warsaw, where doctors tried in vain to save the children’s lives, announced this on Friday afternoon. The first of […]

Explore the countryside in the heart of New York

Sheltered by its skyscrapers, Manhattan hides cheerful fruit and vegetable stalls. To discover during a next getaway. New York also has a green soul. Central Park, the untouchable ocean nature (a rectangle of 320 ha never eaten away, planted with 24,000 trees, a permanent site for sports and entertainment activities), has demonstrated this since its […]

Polar Bear Unique Hunting Technique: Rocking Sea Lions

Charles Francis Hall/Library of Congress Illustration titled—Have you ever seen an animal that uses tools for hunting? This phenomenon is rarely seen in the wild. Most animals use their instincts and bodies to find or chase their food in the jungle there. One of the most fantastical folklore of this phenomenon comes from the […]

Florida Vacation: Where Tourists Swim With Manatees

Long-distance travel Geography Florida manatee snorkel safaris Thousands of manatees frolic in Florida’s rivers. It is very popular with tourists to get close to the gentle giants. But the state in the southeastern United States also offers vacationers a lot of fun outside of the water. Stand: 07:30 a.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes From […]

an increasingly common problem?

John Thomas 2 hours ago 4 min The city of Venice is one of the most latent examples, on the European continent, of the impacts of coastal flooding on urban dynamics. Coastal floods occur in the presence of a storm or by the action of tidal forces. Due to their impact, floods related to the […]

a man arrested after the assault of a French tourist

The assault occurred on February 14. A 27-year-old Frenchman had been “violently stabbed” in Harlem, New York. A 28-year-old man suspected of being the perpetrator was arrested earlier this week and charged with “assault”and “attempted murder”, reports the New York Post. On this Valentine’s Day, the young tourist living in Paris was leaving a restaurant […]

GM extracts geothermal lithium from the Salton Sea, California

GM’s Chevy Bolt electric car, San Francisco (source: flickr/ Gregory Varnum, creative commons) GM Gets Sustainable US-Based Lithium Supply, Partly From Controlled Thermal Resources For Next-Gen Electric Vehicle Batteries Controlled Thermal Resources Limited (“CTR”) has formed a strategic investment and business partnership with General Motors (“GM”) to supply the manufacturer with sustainably produced lithium from […]

Entrepreneurs ask for time to know the T-MEC review points

It should be noted that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was revised more than 20 years after its entry into force, which generated uncertainty for doing so in a short time and at the request of then US President Donald Trump. In the negotiation process More than 900 meetings were held with the […]