Covid infections advance in Shanghai

AProtests are increasing among the residents of the economic capital of China. They protest the socioeconomic consequences of confinement, the lack of food distribution and the insufficiency of health centers and medical and nursing personnel to care for those infected. Millions of citizens in Shanghai have to participate in mandatory daily tests to keep their … Read more

New genetic clues link the origin of Covid-19 to bats

CARMEN FERNNDEZ Barcelona Updated Wednesday, February 16, 2022 – 17:11 – A group of researchers from the Pasteur Institute in Paris has identified coronaviruses similar to SARS-CoV-2 in chirptera and with the potential to infect humans –Cambodian horseshoe bat – Magazine Nature has just published a French paper that supports the hypothesis that the SARS-CoV-2 … Read more

Cases skyrocket, Singapore again talks about making peace with Covid

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Singapore announced that it will re-open permits for visitors who have been vaccinated (Vaccinated Travel Lane / VTL) from and to 8 other countries. The announcement comes after Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong estimated it would take between three and six months to lead a “new normal” life amid Covid-19. Singapore’s … Read more

Pfizer expects return to normal life in 1 year due to covid vaccine

The CEO of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, Albert Bourla, predicted that in “one year” “normal life” will return after the covid-19 pandemic, although it considered probable that it is necessary to be vaccinated “annually” against the disease. This was indicated by Bourla, whose pharmaceutical company has developed together with BioNTech one of the vaccines that … Read more

Successfully returned to Toluca the Athletic Race of the Lawyer’s Day – El Sol de Toluca

In a party atmosphere, the XXV edition of the Lawyer’s Day Athletic Race was successfully carried out, a fair that brought together more than 2,000 participants and that marked the return to the massive face-to-face competitions in the Mexican capital after waiting more than a year due to Covid-19. Under strict sanitary measures to avoid … Read more

Indonesia should not be afraid to immediately imitate it, it turns out that these are 5 things that make Singapore dare to live side by side with Covid-19 – All Pages

Freepik – Singapore insists that it is ready to coexist with Covid-19. Indonesia has not been able to imitate it. – Suar.ID – In some reports it is stated, Singapore decided to live side by side with Covid-19. There are several things that make this small neighboring country dare to make this decision. Even so, … Read more

Doctor Zaini: Nutritional Intake during a Pandemic, Healthy or Not?

StayActive 30 Minutes with exercise. Photo: Public Relations of PT Asia Health Energi Beverages, JAKARTA – People are required to be able to adapt to the new order of life during the pandemic COVID-19 known as the new normal. That is, they must remain productive with the scope of outdoor activities being limited, by … Read more

Will Equate COVID-19 with Flu, Singapore Starts ‘Tired’?

Jakarta – Singapore start getting ready for new normal, consider COVID-19 as an endemic disease like the flu. A number of restrictions will begin to be relaxed. “It’s been 18 months since the pandemic started, and our people are tired of fighting. Everyone is asking: When will the pandemic end?” Singapore’s Cross-Ministerial COVID-19 Task Force … Read more

Is it too early to order a Snyder Cut?

Incredible but true: Ryan Reynolds had not seen his own movie, “Green Lantern.” It was on March 17 that, to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, he was encouraged to do so for the first time. Of course, as it was an event, the actor who gives life to Deadpool tweeted his impressions live, the portal reported … Read more