Polestar 2 Gets Exciting New Features with Software Update, Including Improved Range Calculation and YouTube Support

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The Polestar 2 gets some interesting new features via software update (Picture: Polestar)

In addition to the now available YouTube app for the infotainment system of the pretty Polestar 2, the electric hatchback from Sweden can also benefit from various improvements via CarPlay in connection with an iPhone, which are “delivered” free of charge via software update. The calculation of the remaining range should now also be more precise.

Similar to smartphones, modern vehicles nowadays also receive regular software updates. In addition to fixing annoying errors, the mostly free updates can sometimes even unlock new features. Fortunately, this is exactly what is on the program for the long-range Swedish electric hatchback called Polestar 2.

In an official press release the electric car manufacturer has announced the beginning of the rollout of the software update with version number P2.9, which can now be installed on all Polestar 2 models that have already been delivered and will of course also be used immediately in newly produced vehicles. This is the company’s fifteenth update since the Polestar 2 began shipping in 2020. One of the biggest innovations in this case is the native YouTube app for the infotainment system, which can sweeten the loading breaks with entertaining videos, for example.

The improved Range Assistant application of the Polestar 2, which can now predict the range of the electric car even more precisely thanks to an adapted algorithm, should be even more practical. iPhone owners can also look forward to the OTA software update, which brings a few new Apple CarPlay functions with it and can now, for example, display more information on the home screen tiles. Even if the new features are more of a detail improvement overall, the more accurate range calculation in the Polestar 2 could make a small but subtle difference in everyday life.

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2023-06-01 19:41:41
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