Jakub Vágner finally hit it off! Secret wedding by the Vltava

She is as popular at home in fishing as her husband. “Yes” the couple in love said on the Vltava. A very large family watched, including the sister of the singer Tereza Asterová (29), who devotedly organized the whole ceremony. Jakub Vágner’s wedding with the fisherman Claudia took place in the middle of Prague on […]

Index – Domestic – Catfish jerked the fisherman into the water

Catfish fried into the water by a fisherman in Somogy county – writes Pecaverzum.hu. The routine angler was prepared for the gigantic catch, so he videotaped the incident, but he certainly didn’t expect it to be not the fish on the shore, but him in the water. As they write, Lóránt Szabó has been fishing […]

Found over 200 kg of giant seatail fish floating dead in a channel at Satun.

Fishermen at Satun Found more than 200 kg of giant swordfish floating dead in a riverbed Help each other drag to the shore Which requires up to 8 people to land On December 17, it was reported that fishermen in Ban Hat Sai Yao Village, Moo 2, Tanyong Po Subdistrict, Muang District, Satun Province helped […]

Missing 2 years, a woman was found floating in the middle of the sea

PUERTO COLOMBIA, KOMPAS.com – A woman Colombia who went missing two years ago were miraculously found still alive in the middle loud. He was found by fishermen who were sailing, and his rescue video went viral on social media. “Praise God I’m still alive,” said Angelica Gaitan, 46, who was found on Saturday (9/26/2020) by […]

Missing 2 years, this woman was found floating in the sea

loading… PUERTO – A woman who had been missing from her family for two years was found alive and floating in the sea. He found the fishermen confused. Angelica Gaitan, 46, was found unconscious and suffering from hypothermia off the coast of Colombia. He was found by fisherman Rolando Visbal Lux and a friend who […]

Chinese Ship Helps 7 Indonesian Fishermen to Sink in Natuna

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Ship China rescued seven Indonesian fishermen at sea Natuna, Riau Islands early on Monday (6/29). Para fisherman it was helped after the ship sank. “Yuan 28 Cave Ship evacuated the seven victims in the condition that six survived and one person died,” Head of Natuna Resources and Search Office (KPP) Resources […]

Florian Silbereisen and Helene: “Suspect that they are a couple again”

Florian Silbereisen and Helene Fischer: colleague speaks plain text – “Some suspect that they are a couple again” on January 25, 2020 at 7:17 p.m. Love comeback with Florian Silbereisen and Helene Fischer? A hit colleague fueled the rumors Photo: imago images / Joachim Sielski Florian Silbereisen is a real all-round talent as a singer […]