This Fisherman in Thailand Suddenly Becomes the ‘Sultan’ After Finding Whale Vomit Worth IDR 17.8 M

INDOZONE.ID – A fisherman in Thailand This can be a fantastic windfall. Because, he managed to find whale vomit allegedly valued at Rp. 17.8 billion.

Reported Yahoo! News, fisherman The man named Narong Phetcharaj found the chunk, which is thought to be ambergris or whale vomit, on October 4. When found, the smell of ambergris is very foul, but over time it turns sweet and lasts long after it dries. Therefore, the vomit became the most sought after as a perfume-making material.

Narong believes that the lump is ambergris because it has a waxy appearance and texture. He decided to take his findings to the Prince of Songkla University to be tested for truth and it turned out to be pure whale vomit.

“No villager has ever touched it. Therefore, they are very happy,” he said, quoted from World of Buzz, Friday (8/10).

Usually, the price of whale vomit per kilogram is sold for 37,500 to 42,791 US dollars (Rp 534.7 million – 610.1 million). However, the ambergris obtained by Narong has a selling price of 1.25 million US dollars or the equivalent of 17.8 billion.

Narong said he would immediately sell his findings after getting a certificate of authenticity.

“If I find a suitable buyer, I will stop as a fisherman and party with my friends,” he concluded.

Ambergris itself is produced by sperm whales to make it easier for sharp objects to pass. When vomited, the liquid will freeze and float.

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