Jakub Vágner and his pregnant wife at their own wedding: It is too late to say no

Jakub Vágner hit it off. The well-known fisherman had long held the title of bachelor, but the beautiful German Claudia Darga enchanted him so much that he decided to say yes to her at the altar. But who is Vagner’s chosen one and when did her passion for fishing break out?

After breaking up with Miss Eliška Bučková, Jakub Vágner was left without a partner for several years and devoted himself mainly to work. It was during his fishing trips that he caught a real “pike” on the hook in the form of the beautiful German Claudia Darga.

Vágner hid the relationship for a long time, the first time the fans got together with the fisherman Claudia, when they both shared on Instagram a photo of their common dog, which he celebrated one year.

Like Jakub, Claudia is very successful and in Germany she is a celebrity among fishermen, but how did she get into the unusual hobby?

No carp man would be left alone at night somewhere in the middle of a dark forest

Claudia Darga was born in Hamburg and is a member of the German Imperial Baits Ladies team. Her face adorns many front pages of carp magazines, and it was her love of fishing that eventually led her into the arms of Jakub Vágner. But she was originally brought to fish by ancient love.

“The first time I got into fishing was when I met my then-friend, who went to the water at regular intervals at night. After a while, I didn’t get curious, and I had to go with him. I wanted to find out what In the end, we agreed that one summer weekend in beautiful weather, I would stay by the water with him. For the first two years I was more of a spectator, later I became more interested in fish, equipment and tactics on how to catch them. water, “Darga once explained to the site carpfishing.cz.

Fishing is very unpopular with women. “The main reason, in my opinion, is quite clear. Neither I nor any other carp I know would be left alone at night somewhere in the middle of a dark forest waiting for the coveted shot from carp. For example, in towing and hunting predators, it’s different the fish usually go out to the water early in the morning and the person is home again by the evening, so I certainly wouldn’t stay alone by the water at night. “But since most of our carp expeditions take place overnight, I mostly go to the water in the company of my friend or with our friends,” Claudia admitted.

Jakub Vágner hit it off

I thought the Germans were ugly

“I always thought the Germans were ugly, but that’s not true,” Jakub Vágner laughed mysteriously some time ago at Showtim’s questions on Prima about his partner. But her name was soon revealed.

Even after the identity of the beautiful Claudia has been declassified, the fishing couple continues to guard their privacy, which is why their wedding took place in secret.

The ceremony took place on a boat and Jakub Vágner and Claudia Darga said yes to each other in style, right during the cruise on the Vltava. The wedding guests embarked near Slavonic Island and sailed to Charles Bridge.

In addition, their wedding photographer Petr Gebauer published an announcement, which was engraved on a cutting board. “It’s too late to say NO,” was the humorous label. So it’s clear that Claudia has a sense of humor.

According to Blesk, Vágner’s wife is now pregnant, which is certainly the most beautiful news for Jakub.



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