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The “Splendid Palace” cinema will host a Poetry Slam with the champions of Latvia and other countries

In the April 26th poetry slam, the jury will be composed of writer Rihards Bargais, poetess Inga Pizāne and two representatives of the audience. As in other slams organized by the “Totaldobže” art center, the audience in the hall will also be invited to give their assessment.

Each of the 20 poets will be given three minutes to read or recite their poem. If time permits, there will also be a second round and a final. Poets from Latvia who received the highest rating will be able to participate in the 2024 Latvian National Poetry Slam Championship in November.

Marija Bliznac, winner of the Norwegian National Poetry Slam Championship. Photo: Anni Suikanen

After the Poetry Slam (from approximately 10:00 p.m. to 3:30 a.m.), “Underground trance dances with Spoken Word” will take place in the Vault Hall of the cinema. Live spoken poetry (live spoken word) performances by slammers will be heard woven into dance music. Musician and DJ Fenu from Chile and DJ Yvonne Leone (Ivonne Leon) from Columbia (both currently based and performing in Berlin) will invite slammers to join them on their musical flight.

Jazzy, popular in Latin America, will be played downtempo music and the rich of various hues house genre rhythms. On the other hand, one of the most masterful mixers of domestic techno music, Mixmaster Raitis, will lead the dancers into meditative labyrinths of rhythms, where poetry is not usually found, but this time music and poetry will merge together, creating an unforgettable journey in the imagination.

Now a little about the guests of the Poetry Slam.

Poet and poetry slammer Lady la Profeta.
Poet and poetry slammer Lady la Profeta. Photo: Publicity photo

Lady la Profeta (Lady the Prophet) is a poet who has won important poetry slams – the World Championship in 2023, the Colombian National Championship in 2021 and the Canadian National Championship in 2018. She writes screenplays for films and has won laurels at international oral storytelling festivals. Lady la Profeta has also released a rap music album and has worked as an acting teacher, actress and audiovisual creator.

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