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Estonia is still looking for partners for the deployment of air defense systems on a rotational basis

NATO members agreed on the deployment of air defense systems in the Baltic states on a rotational basis at the summit in Vilnius last year. The Spanish air defense system NASAMS was deployed in Estonia last year, but it was returned to Spain at the end of last year.

“NATO’s eastern flank in general could have continuous air defense. These rotations should be regular and planned. We are also in touch with our allies about this. Spain, among others,” said Kalle Kirs, director of Estonia’s NATO and European Union Department, expressing hope that will manage to agree with the allies on deploying the system in Estonia.

Toms Jermalavičius, a researcher at the Estonian International Defense and Security Center, called it a disappointment that the air defense systems will be deployed on a rotating basis based on the countries’ bilateral agreements, rather than NATO’s common agreement.

It is expected that this summer the Netherlands will temporarily send Patriot air defense systems to Lithuania, which will strengthen the security of all Baltic states, the expert said, adding that Lithuania hopes that Germany, which will deploy its brigade in the country, will also send Patriot systems.

In the next few years, Estonia will receive medium-range air defense systems purchased from Germany, and in addition, it has the Polish short-range “Piorun” system in its arsenal.

In June last year, NATO countries agreed on a rotation model in air defense, thus responding to calls from the Baltic States to strengthen the currently implemented air patrol mission.

Taking into account the lack of anti-aircraft defenses, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia proposed to deploy the allies’ anti-aircraft defenses on a rotational basis. This means that the Western partners could alternately send military equipment to one of the Baltic states.

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