Astafieva harshly ridiculed Todorenko – photo, details – Glamor –

Recently, the silent Regina Todorenko became a mother for the second time, but the singer chose a rather unusual name for her newborn son. – — The performer named her youngest son Mir. And this, of course, surprised many Ukrainians, because Todorenko is silent about the murders of Ukrainians by Russians, but he gives an […]

Astafieva criticized Kiva and Bardash for pro-Russian stance – UNIAN

Astafieva admitted that she rejoices at the absence of these characters in the country and believes that they will not return. Now Bardash and Kiva are outside Ukraine / UNIAN collage Ukrainian singer, model and volunteer Dasha Astafyeva criticized public Ukrainians who, after the start of a full-scale Russian invasion, took the side of the […]

Dasha Astafieva admitted which of the silent artists from Ukraine blocked her

Dasha Astafieva said that she tried to reach out to artists from Ukraine who are building a career in Russia – Dasha Astafieva criticized artists from Ukraine who are silent about the war / Photo: – Dasha Astafieva, who spoke about the changes in her personal lifesmashed artists from Ukraine who ignore the war […]

Beauty Dasha Astafieva for the first time in a long time told if her heart is free

Dasha Astafieva, host of the Zirkoviy Shlyakh project, spoke exclusively for viewers of the Ukraine YouTube channel about volunteering and heart affairs – Dasha Astafieva spoke about the changes in her personal life / Photo: – So, in a new interview, the host of “Star Trek” Daniel Salem asked now to his colleague Dasha […]

Star Playboy excited retro image

Photo: Dasha Astafyeva – – The singer and model appeared in a pink bodysuit and mesh tights. She posed with her friends. Ukrainian singer and Playboy star Dasha Astafieva stunned fans with candid footage. The actress posted spicy photos on Instagram. Dasha posed in a pink corset. She styled her hair in a retro […]