Beauty Dasha Astafieva for the first time in a long time told if her heart is free

Dasha Astafieva, host of the Zirkoviy Shlyakh project, spoke exclusively for viewers of the Ukraine YouTube channel about volunteering and heart affairs

Dasha Astafieva spoke about the changes in her personal life / Photo:

So, in a new interview, the host of “Star Trek” Daniel Salem asked now to his colleague Dasha Astafyeva about volunteer work. The singer said that she receives a lot of letters from people whom inspires by example.

They say: “We see that Dasha Astafieva is working, how can we sit,” says the artist, “when I realized that the war is not a matter of one day, wanted to be needed, to help, But, unfortunately, I can’t take a weapon. If I were educated in this direction, I would be happy to defend – I like to shoot at the shooting range. I understand that this is a different matter. I heard that in one of the kitchens of volunteer organizations, the chef needed help. And I arrived: the first days I washed the dishes and the floor, and then I realized that potatoes are mine. People don’t like peeling potatoes so much, but I sat down, here I cut audiobooks for myself, I kiss each potato. Such beautiful guys come to us, we sign portions for them. I want home comfort. We have a team, some people leave, some return. About 16-20 people staff. I try to work during the day, do something at home during the day, household chores calm me down a little, because I had this, I fell apart a little.

Also, they did not ignore the topic of Dasha’s personal life. She is admitted that her heart is not free.

After my last relationship, I said that I would not tell anything, but I will say that I am very happy now, I feel loved and a real woman,

– admitted the host of “Zirkovy Shlyakh” Dasha Astafieva.

Dasha Astafyeva

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Dasha Astafyeva / Photo:

We also note that earlier Dasha Astafieva met with Artem Kim for 5 years. But they decided to leave. However, they maintained friendly relations.

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