Dasha Astafieva admitted which of the silent artists from Ukraine blocked her

Dasha Astafieva said that she tried to reach out to artists from Ukraine who are building a career in Russia

Dasha Astafieva criticized artists from Ukraine who are silent about the war / Photo: instagram.com/da_astafieva

Dasha Astafieva, who spoke about the changes in her personal lifesmashed artists from Ukraine who ignore the war and are too busy with their careers in the aggressor country.

The singer is surprised by the behavior of a member of the group Artik & Asti. On the day when Kharkiv, Artik’s hometown, was bombed, he presented the album.

I tell him: “Well, are you *banged?”. Well, are you really fucking your hometown bombed, are you presenting an album? Well, at least you have something? Brain, soul? He blocked me right away.. Staying there, they forever remain enemies. Enemies for each of us! Your friends and relatives are killed here, people cannot protect their children, and you stay in that country, do you call it a “special operation”?! They have no right to live, these people,” Astafyeva said in interview “ZhVL”

Artik & Asti soloist blocked Dasha Astafieva

Artik & Asti soloist blocked Dasha Astafieva / Photo: screenshot instagram/artikastiofficial

The singer did not expect Nikolai Baskov, Timati, Yana Rudkovskaya to oppose Russian aggression. But how Taisia ​​Povaliy and Ani Lorak can remain silent, she does not understand.

Here is Taya Povaliy. I once said “mama” to her. I am so ashamed that they stay there, that they are silent. They are not artists. They are not even people. They are consumables, they are just used

Earlier, Dasha Astafieva said that wants to learn how to shoot and is going to buy a weapon.

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