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Recently, the silent Regina Todorenko became a mother for the second time, but the singer chose a rather unusual name for her newborn son.

The performer named her youngest son Mir. And this, of course, surprised many Ukrainians, because Todorenko is silent about the murders of Ukrainians by Russians, but he gives an eloquent name for his child.

Ukrainian singer Dasha Astafieva was outraged by this. She suggested to Todorenko, before it’s too late, to give another name to her son. In particular, instead of the World, call the boy – Putin.

According to Dasha, Regina has no right to pronounce such a word as “peace” at all.

“Before it’s too late, I advise Regina Todorenko to rename her newborn son from “Mir” to “Putin”. That’s better. Dasha was outraged.

Note that when Russia unleashed a terrible war in Ukraine, a native of Odessa, Regina Todorenko, decided to keep quiet about it. When her Ukrainian fans expected support from her, the singer living in Russia decided to act as if there was no war. When Instagram was not blocked in Russia, the artist entertained fans and, in particular, showed off her wardrobe.

Meanwhile, host Ekaterina Osadchaya believes that artists who are silent about the war are not at all worthy of having a Ukrainian passport.

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