Dasha Astafieva and Alexey Durnev became the hosts of a new show about love on TET Dating without filters: photo, video

The new reality show was called “Dating without filters.”

From February 13 at 18:00 in the new season on the TET channel, the premiere of the reality show “Date without filters“.

Its presenters and experts will be Dasha Astafyeva, Alexey Durnev, Andrey Rybak, Anastasia Zukhvala and Valeria Mandzyuk. It is they who will comment on blind dates, which people will go to in an active search for a soulmate.

“Love is what motivates you to move, achieve and become better. With Unfiltered Dating, we want to show the power of love, the diversity of characters and relationships, and inspire romantic gestures. Even now, during the war, we continue to strive to find “our “,” dear. But while the search continues, TET will cheer you up, morale and give you courage, “said Oksana Petryshyn, general producer of the TET channel.

“Dating Without Filters” is the most honest show about how to build a relationship. This is a concentration of humor and romance without filters, as it is in real life, not in fairy tales.

Viewers will glimpse into other people’s dates, romantic, funny and extraordinary, and comedians will say out loud what couples are afraid to say to each other on a first date. Of course, one cannot do without bouts of emotion and Spanish shame.

Dasha Astafieva and Alexey Durnev

120 single people tried their luck on the project and went on 60 original dates. About 40 couples continued the relationship behind the scenes. There were both very romantic dates and very original ones.

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Part of the project was filmed until February 24, 2022 and was interrupted due to the war, however, filming resumed in the fall – so that, despite everything, the audience could smile, recharge with positive energy and be inspired.

Do not miss the premiere of the new reality show “Dating without filters” – from February 13 at 18:00 on TET.

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