Astafieva criticized Kiva and Bardash for pro-Russian stance – UNIAN

Astafieva admitted that she rejoices at the absence of these characters in the country and believes that they will not return.

Ukrainian singer, model and volunteer Dasha Astafyeva criticized public Ukrainians who, after the start of a full-scale Russian invasion, took the side of the enemy. “Got”, in particular, ex-People’s Deputy Ilya Kiva and producer Yuri Bardash.

This is stated in her interview blogger Sergey Ivanov.

The star admitted that she is glad that such vile people as Kiva and Bardash left and most likely will not return to Ukraine.

“For me, Kiva and Yura (Bardash, – ed.) are one person, like the evolution of Neanderthals … It’s just tin. You look at a person and don’t understand on what natural connections he could exist, live, somewhere work, communicate with people, manage processes. Kiva is just some face of orcs. How did he live here? It’s good that he left. How well he fit into these motherfuckers, Russians. Yura will also be very cool there , organically,” Astafieva believes.

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She also added that from 2014 to 2022 she visited Russia several times with concerts.

Astafieva criticized Kiva and Bardash / video screenshot

It should be noted that recently Bardash voiced a number of anti-Ukrainian statements and actually supported Russia in the war. He also spoke out that the phrase “Ukraine – over the mustache” allegedly has fascist echoes for which the showman was sharply condemned. According to the producer, this phrase is an analogue of the expression “Deutschland über alles” (Germany above all), which was actively used by German leaders during the Second World War.

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From Bardasha because of his pro-Russian position, his wife left.

Former MP from the Opposition Platform for Life, Ilya Kiva, is now hiding in Russia and publicly supports the brutal war unleashed by Putin against Ukraine.

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