Dasha Astafieva lost a loved one during the war: “I never buried anyone” – show business news of Ukraine

The star, crying, said that because of the war in Ukraine, she could not come to the funeral of a loved one

Grief happened in the family of Dasha Astafieva / Photo: instagram.com/da_astafieva, Screenshot from YouTube

Singer and model Dasha Astafieva stays in Kyiv during the war and helps others – she supports the elderly, prepares meals for our protectors daily and peels potatoes with bags. The star says it calms the nerves.

Dasha gave an interview to Natasha Vlashchenko for the YouTube channel Ukraine 24. She stated that she was not going anywhere. Moreover, the artist assured that she would do everything possible to bring our victory closer.

Astafieva also shared her personal grief. During the war, her grandmother died. But Dasha, unfortunately, could not go to the funeral. According to the star, strangers buried her grandmother.

Perhaps there is nothing worse than your loved one being buried by strangers. These photos… Grandma in a coffin… I keep looking at it because it’s so hard to believe. It’s good that she was a good person, she constantly helped in the church. I never buried anyone, collected, helped, but so that … – Dasha shared in an interview.

Recall that earlier Dasha Astafieva put Regina Todorenko in her place, which is silent about the war. While Russian soldiers are destroying the cities of Ukraine, an Odessa woman entertains her audience with content about clothes.

We also wrote that Astafieva smashed Russian show business to dustsupporting Putin’s madness.

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