Andrei Makarevich’s wife told how she evacuated her parents from Kyiv

Andrey Makarevich’s wife Einat Klein is from Kyiv. She had to urgently evacuate her parents from the capital of Ukraine after a shell flew into a neighboring house – Andrei Makarevich’s wife evacuated parents from Kyiv to Israel / Photo: Instagram – Einat Klein and Andrei Makarevich, who will soon become parents now live in […]

Danilko told what problems Galkin faced because of the support of Ukraine

Maxim Galkin was one of the first Russian celebrities to comment on the war in Ukraine – Andrey Danilko said that they began to break advertising contracts with Maxim Galkin because of the support of Ukraine / Photo: Screenshot from YouTube – Maxim Galkin is one of those Russian stars who are not afraid to […]