The corona situation in the USA is tightening again

WIf he is going to the cinema or a bar in New York these days, he may get the impression that the pandemic is over. People jostle in crowded bars, you can go to the cinema without a mask and no longer need to keep your distance from your neighbors. Since all restrictions were lifted, […]

Trump in action, asks the whole world not to pay debts to China

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Donald Trump, the former US president, recently criticized China and White House adviser Anthony Fauci about the Covid-19 pandemic. This criticism was conveyed at the Republican Convention in Greenville, North Carolina. To China, Trump demanded compensation of US$10 trillion or equivalent to Rp. 142,000 trillion (assuming Rp. 14,200/US$). This is as […]

New York – don’t forget to put on your trousers

AAs I write this, 8141 people have already died of Covid-19, and thousands more, hopefully only thousands, will die before a vaccine is developed and made available. I sit at home, here in New York, and watch the numbers rise, “in real time” or as “real” as time can now be experienced: 8142, 8143, 8144. […]

Covid: Fauci, significant degree of normality at the end of the year – Last Hour

(ANSA) – NEW YORK, 21 FEB – “Significant degree of normality” by the end of the year, but “it may not be exactly the normality of November 2019”. This was stated by Anthony Fauci, the American super-expert in infectious diseases in an interview with Cnn. The United States is administering about 1.5 million Covid vaccines […]

American Football: Corona experts in USA: Please no parties to the Super Bowl

60 minutes ago In the USA, leading corona experts have warned people not to meet people from other households at parties to watch the Super Bowl. “Please have a look at that Super Bowl and only meet online or with the people in your household “, demanded the head of the CDC health authority, Rochelle […]

Dr. Anthony Fauci Supports the Use of Two Masks to Prevent Covid-19 – Dr. Anthony Fauci who is also a medical adviser to the United States Presidency, said that wearing two masks is likely to be more effective at preventing the transmission of Covid-19. Although, he admits there is no significant scientific evidence to confirm this. “If you have a physical covering with one layer, you […]