La Nación / Salud confirms that some 32,000 vaccines will expire this end of the month

This Monday, the Ministry of Health announced that more vaccines are reaching the expiration date and are very concerned about the large number of people who refuse to receive anti-COVID doses. From the entity they confirmed that there are 32,000 immunizers that will expire at the end of December. The director of the Expanded Immunization […]

would resume application of the Russian vaccine

The Ministry of Health summons people between the ages of 20 and 29 to receive the first dose against COVID-19 between Monday, September 27 and Wednesday, September 29, without considering termination of identity cards. There are currently 152,774 available doses of Pfizer, Moderna and Sputnik V, which will be used in this age group. “From […]

donated vaccines arrived thanks to the management of the Executive, they clarify

After the president of the distributor La Policlínica, Norman Harrison, gave his speech in a political campaign for the PLRA in the city of Limpio, where he spoke about the management of vaccines, from the National Health Surveillance Directorate (Dinavisa ) clarify that all Pfizer vaccines arrived in the country thanks to the efforts of […]

La Nación / Borba confirms arrival of more vaccines to the country

The Ministry of Health updated the schedule for the second dose for various vaccines, which will begin next Monday, August 23. Likewise, he announced that a total of 2,258,030 people have at least one dose against COVID-19 in Paraguay, while there are 1,533,405 people with two doses. “The total number of immunized people in our […]

Sinopharm terminated contract for “inexplicable reasons”

Immunization against COVID-19 will cost the country a total of US $ 93,254,210, in exchange for 8,279,800 doses that will protect a target population of 4,139,900 Paraguayans against the virus. Until today, the Government paid US $ 33,431,296 and owes US $ 66,828,594. In return, only 234,000 doses were received (not including the batch received […]

Salud remembers the interval between one dose and another

The former Minister of Finance, César Barreto, sees it difficult for Paraguay to consume in the next 5 years the total surplus that corresponds to Itaipu Binacional’s energy production. He asserted that these resources could be used in investments aimed at the development of the country’s infrastructure, or create an investment fund where the amounts […]