donated vaccines arrived thanks to the management of the Executive, they clarify

After the president of the distributor La Policlínica, Norman Harrison, gave his speech in a political campaign for the PLRA in the city of Limpio, where he spoke about the management of vaccines, from the National Health Surveillance Directorate (Dinavisa ) clarify that all Pfizer vaccines arrived in the country thanks to the efforts of the State. Let us remember that the Polyclinic is the company in charge of storing the Pfizer biologicals that were donated by the United States.

As clarified by María Antonieta Gamarra, director of Dinavisa, it was decided to keep the vaccines in the facilities of the Polyclinic, since when they were looking for the biologicals and there was no place to store the vaccines, they received the invitation of Mr. Norman Harrison To visit the company, they went to check to see the site and saw that it was a suitable place to store the doses, he explained.

“Everything was managed by the Executive and the Foreign Ministry to receive the donations. All management and contracts were exclusive between the ministry and the Pfizer company. All the production companies today are making agreements with the State, so there is still no availability in the private sector, ”said the director of Dinavisa in contact with La Nación.

He clarified that the possibility arose for the Polyclinic to collaborate with the Ministry of Health in having a public-private partnership and that facilitated the way to preserve the vaccines, but it was from the state entity that they contacted the Pfizer company with the representatives for Latin America, in order to bring the vaccines.

“Since we had already complied with all the legal requirements requested by Pfizer, which at that time was the modification of the vaccine law, once we had this modification we had direct contact with them and we sent all the legal legal part that they had requested. ”, He pointed.

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Vaccines that were donated were managed by the Executive, they clarify. Photo: Archive.

He argued that from that moment the Pfizer company gave the go-ahead to send the vaccines to Paraguay. “The truth is that quite quickly, in 45 days we have obtained the first contract. It was a lot of work on our part and also from the Ministry. We made the contact but everything that refers to contracts and provisioning was coordinated by the ministry ”, he confirmed.

Gamarra pointed out that all the distribution and conservation of the vaccines was carried out through a separate agreement with La Policlínica, directed by Norman Harrison. “That is the truth and reality, without a doubt the other thing that must be highlighted is the work of the Foreign Ministry and the Executive to obtain the donations,” he said.

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She stressed that she does not have the knowledge about the contact that Harrison had, but that she was consulted about the storage capacity. “Capacity had a lot to do with the amount of vaccines that would be donated. I may have consulted you, but we had a joint meeting with the Ministry, the Polyclinic that signed a confidentiality agreement with us, Dinavisa, the American Government and the Foreign Ministry, where they defined how they were going to come and the amount ” .

He reiterated that everything was thanks to the management of the Executive Power and the Embassy. “With Mr. Salazar who was a fundamental piece to get those donations. Then we have a contract for another million doses that we are receiving today and we have a contract signed for a million more for this year. We also have a model agreement for the year that comes with Pfizer in greater numbers than this year, “he said.

Thanks to a public-private contract, the vaccines were stored in the Polyclinic. Photo: Archive.



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