Merchants can defend themselves against chargebacks via PayPal’s buyer protection

With PayPal Buyer Protection, customers can get their money back if they have problems with the order. But dealers apparently have the opportunity to legally defend themselves against the reimbursement, as a current case shows: According to this, a customer sent defective goods back to an electronics store and received the money reimbursed via PayPal […]

With PayPal you now buy directly in Bitcoin (in 26 million stores). What changes

PayPal says yes to Bitcoin, cryptocurrency soars to 2019 highs PayPal officially enters the world of cryptocurrencies and the Bitcoin flies to the highs of recent months. The internet and e-commerce platform for digital payments has announced that it will allow its customers to trade and use cryptovalute digital on its platform, including the Bitcoin, […]

Not using PayPal? That’s 12 euros

Online payment platform PayPal will soon be charging 12 euros to consumers who have not used its services for a year. “However, as a user you have to read the fine print of the terms of use that were renewed at the end of September”, warns consumer organization Test-Achats. The payment platform will charge 12 […]

Pandemic moves consumers towards electronic commerce worldwide

As restrictions are imposed on our daily lives due to COVID-19, consumers are adopting new payment habits at an accelerated rate, according to a global study byMastercard made in 15 markets, including several countries in Latin America. Consumers are getting further and further away from cash and opting for digital payments and contactless payments experiences, […]

Is Bitcoin integration at PayPal imminent? | 28/06/20

According to media reports, PayPal plans to rapidly integrate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into its payment system. There is sufficient evidence of this. • PayPal apparently opens for Bitcoin and Co. • Already wanted jobs • Great opportunity for cryptocurrencies The online payment service PayPal wants to offer its approximately 325 million active users direct […]

Media: PayPal and Venmo will add support for cryptocurrencies

PayPal and its mobile payment service Venmo gives users the option to purchase/sale of cryptocurrency in the next three months, according to CoinDesk, citing informed sources. One of the interlocutors of the publication pointed out that integrated functionality will allow you to buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies. He expects PayPal will provide liquidity through cooperation […]

The end of the special stage is postponed again

Munich / Frankfurt The completion of the special balance sheet check at Wirecard is postponed again. “Wirecard AG was recently informed by the auditing firm KPMG that KPMG will present the results of the ongoing special investigation on Monday, April 27, 2020,” the group said on Wednesday evening. “In the remaining days, incoming data should […]

Hacked Nintendo Account? What gamers should do now

Nintendo Switch owners are reporting on Social media about repeated, unauthorized third-party access to your user account. Access is from multiple locations, including the United States, Chile and Russia, such as the gaming portal “Eurogamer” explained. Users would be informed of the access attempts with a warning by email. The email contains the following information: […]

Google Pay: PayPal rip-off continues –

Google Pay: PayPal rip-off continues After a massive security gap in Google Pay and PayPal: How to get your money back CHIP Online Google Pay & PayPal: A devastating security hole, open questions & the Google Pay problem in … GoogleWatchBlog Does it have to be that way? Vulnerability in PayPal WDR news See […]