FAMOUS HOUSES | The mansion that Elon Musk exchanges for a 45m2 prefab house

FAMOUS HOUSES R.N.V. Updated: 08/07/2021 15:01 See gallery> Elon Musk, the South African tycoon head of PayPal, SpaceX, Hyperloop, SolarCity, The Boring Company, Neuralink and OpenAI sells his last mansion after promising to dispose of all his possessions. casa-elon-musk-2.jpg Reactor Elon Musk moves into a manufactured home that he rents from his own company, Space […]

A glimmer of hope Bitcoin Cs. After being ‘hit’ by Elon Musk

Bisnis.com, JAKARTA – This morning, the crypto asset market was shaken again by Elon Musk. Again through his teasing on his official Twitter account, he was indirectly able to influence the movement of Bitcoin prices and friends in an instant. Reporting from Antara (4/6/2021), the price of Bitcoin on Friday morning (4/6/2021) last fell about […]

Twitter Trials New Features, Can Transfer Money

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Twitter is back with a new feature called “Tip Jar” where the feature allows users to share tips or send money to the accounts they like. Quoting The Verge, Twitter is reported to have launched this feature in the Android and iOS applications that allow users to send money. Twitter users […]

Turkey crypto exchange collapsed, what about Indonesia?

Bisnis.com, JAKARTA – One of the largest cryptocurrency exchangers in Turkey, Thodex, said it was unable to continue its operations after its founder took off his customers’ assets. This condition makes hundreds of thousands of investors worry that their funds will disappear. Moreover, the Turkish authorities are also trying to find the founder of Thodex […]

What you can expect in the next few years

Munich The corona crisis has fundamentally changed the relationship between customers and their insurers. Because personal contact with the agent was not possible for a long time, customers of some providers used the digital access up to 20 percent more often than before. The industry association GDV recently counted 32 million active customer accesses that […]

How weak passwords are fatal

Das Malheur I can’t get in anymore, nowhere: Anyone who has ever experienced this will never use weak passwords again. Photo: Thomas Geiger / dpa-tmn (Photo: dpa) Many people create their passwords according to the motto “simple instead of secure”. This is shown by the annual password hit list of the Hasso Plattner Institute Many […]

Cyberpunk 2077 physical film global refund final return: refund to PayPal or wire transfer, etc. 6 months, the game disc has not yet said how to recycle #CDPR (159207)-癮科技Cool3c

Cyberpunk 2077, which has been in constant condition since its launch, has previously announced that all digital and physical players who are not satisfied can receive an unconditional refund. Digital version players can already refund via PS Store or Microsoft Store. However, after several weeks of investigation and data return, physical players finally determined that […]

Merchants can defend themselves against chargebacks via PayPal’s buyer protection

With PayPal Buyer Protection, customers can get their money back if they have problems with the order. But dealers apparently have the opportunity to legally defend themselves against the reimbursement, as a current case shows: According to this, a customer sent defective goods back to an electronics store and received the money reimbursed via PayPal […]

With PayPal you now buy directly in Bitcoin (in 26 million stores). What changes

PayPal says yes to Bitcoin, cryptocurrency soars to 2019 highs PayPal officially enters the world of cryptocurrencies and the Bitcoin flies to the highs of recent months. The internet and e-commerce platform for digital payments has announced that it will allow its customers to trade and use cryptovalute digital on its platform, including the Bitcoin, […]