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German AfD Employee Arrested for Alleged Chinese Espionage in European Parliament

The full hall of the European Parliament in Strasbourg

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Yesterday, the police arrested an employee of the radical right party Alternative for Germany (AfD) in the German city of Dresden. arrest. He is suspected of being a spy for the Chinese secret service. His houses were searched.

It’s about Jian Guo, a Chinese-German employee of the AfD MEP Maximilian’s Army. Krah will also be party leader in the upcoming European elections.

Guo’s work in Brussels and Strasbourg gave him access to all kinds of parliamentary documents, which he allegedly passed on to the Chinese. Guo is also said to have spied on members of the Chinese opposition in Germany.

AfD: very concerned

Krah sings in first answer that espionage for a foreign power is a serious charge. He says he will fire Guo if the suspicions are confirmed.

The AfD says the arrest is very disturbing. “As we do not have any further information on this matter at this time, we will have to wait for further information from the Public Prosecution Service.”

German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser talking a possible attack on European democracy. She also holds Krah and the AfD accountable in so many words.

For the AfD, this is the second time in a short period of time that the party has come under fire due to possible influence from abroad. The number 2 on the European list and current Member of the Bundestag became Petr Bystron early this month linked to money from Russia.

The public broadcaster ARD, which reported the news this morning the first to report, writes that Guo is no stranger to the German intelligence services. He is said to have described himself as an informant more than ten years ago, but no cooperation took place. According to reports, the services considered him unreliable and suspected that he was a mole from the Chinese secret service.

This is the second day in a row that German justice reports the arrest of suspected Chinese spies. Two men and a woman were arrested yesterday. The two cases do not appear to be related, according to the German broadcaster.

China is dismissing the recent arrests as sensational. A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says the messages are aimed at tarnishing China’s reputation.

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