Macron’s Attitude to Cartoons Inspire …

loading… MOSCOW – Leader Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov considers the President French Emmanuel Macron inspired terrorists by justifying the publication of cartoons insulting the Prophet Muhammad. Macron views the cartoon’s publication as proof of the right to free speech being protected in France. Kadyrov is a close alliance of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Kadyrov argued after […]

Perpetrator of Beheading French History Teacher, A Teenager

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Doer beheading a history teacher at French is an 18 year old teenager who is a migrant from Chechnya. As reported Associated PressOn Saturday (17/10), the authorities also arrested nine other suspects in the incident, including the grandfather, parents and relatives of the perpetrator who was 17 years old. The victim […]

What will change from July 1: pensions, utilities, payments for children

Housing and utilities rates will rise Housing and communal services will rise in price from July 1 by 2.4-6.5% depending on the region. Tariffs will grow most strongly in the North Caucasus: in Chechnya – by 6.5%, in Kabardino-Balkaria – by 5.4%, in Dagestan – by 5.2%. The minimum increase threshold is planned in the […]

What do we know about the violent clashes that took place in Dijon ?

Question asked by Dzamil the 15/06/2020 Hello, Your question is about the events that took place this weekend on 13 and 14 June in Dijon and around, in the Burgundy region. On social networks, flocking of multiple videos showing violent clashes. Several pictures show some of the bands who wander in the city centre and […]

Media: in Yalta, the Chechens beat the administration official with rebar

According to some reports, the victim managed to knock out several offenders According to sources, the assistant to the head of administration, Dilyaver Seydametov, made a remark to young people in a car with Chechen numbers, condemning them for aggressive driving in a residential area, near the place where the children were playing. Soon, it […]

Chechnya. Ramzan Kadyrov hospitalized in Moscow, suspected coronavirus

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, 43, was hospitalized in Moscow Thursday May 21, 2020, suspected of being sick with new coronavirus, Russian agencies reported, the latest case from a senior Russian official infected with the disease. Ramzan Kadyrov was flown to Moscow, the coronavirus is suspected. He is under observation of doctors, a medical source told […]