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Russian Authorities Hold Regional Heads Accountable for Budget Deficit

Russian authorities want to force the heads of several Russian regions, including Kadyrov, to be personally responsible for the budget deficit.

They want to make the head of Chechnya Kadyrov and the heads of three other regions of the Russian Federation personally responsible for the budget deficit, writes the Russian publication “Kommersant“.

The Kremlin wants to impose similar obligations on the Gauleiters of the four occupied Ukrainian regions.

If the heads of regions (and heads of occupation administrations) do not reduce costs, they are threatened to be left without subsidies. It is noteworthy that Dagestan and Chechnya remain among the most subsidized regions of the Russian Federation. Subsidies to the budget of Dagestan account for about 50% of total income (80 billion rubles out of 160 billion). Subsidies to the budget of Chechnya are about 33% (40 billion rubles out of 120 billion). At the same time, the budgets of both Dagestan and Chechnya remain deficit (-28 and -19 billion, respectively).

Experts have no doubt that huge corruption in Russian regions eats up most of the subsidies: local officials siphon off money for infrastructure and social projects. The situation is similar in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

The budget deficit of the Russian Federation as of early November is 1.2 trillion rubles. Sanctions and war costs are severely draining the Russian budget.

“I wonder if Kadyrov has already been told about this? I’d like to see his reaction,” – comment on information on social networks.

Users believe that the Russian authorities have no chance in a fight with Kadyrov, who has his own army and a strong security apparatus that is not directly subordinate to Moscow.

Previously reportedthat Kadyrov is gathering vassals in preparation for the Third Chechen War.

Meanwhile, because of the war, the hole in Moscow’s budget reached a record 1.1 trillion rubles.

Author: Mark Voroshilov

2023-11-27 11:27:45

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