Enemy Fires at Population in Kharkiv Region from S-300 Installation: Military Reports

The enemy again fired at the population of Kharkiv region from the S-300 installation, informed head of the Kharkov military garrison Sergei Melnik. “The next target of the terrorists was the Bogodukhovsky district. Information about the destruction and possible victims is being established. The enemy is cunning, so the threat still exists. Do not ignore […]

Explosions thunder in Kharkiv: Sinegubov confirms Russian strikes

On the evening of February 7, several explosions thundered in Kharkov. At 22:58, the first explosion was heard in Kharkov, after which an air raid alert was announced in the region. Head of HOVA Oleg Sinegubov confirmed enemy strikes and called on the inhabitants of Kharkov and the region to be in shelters. Head of […]

Medvedev announced Russia’s goal of dismantling Ukrainian leadership – Ukraine – tsn.ua

Dmitry Medvedev announced another Russian Federation goal in Ukraine. Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev announced Russia’s desire to completely remove Ukraine’s leadership from power. He wrote about it in his Telegram channel. Read also “The first episode has been played. There will be more. I will express my personal position. […]