Bartoška on blind man surgery: RESCUE AT THE LAST MOMENT!

In Brno, he shot the Christmas comedy Wishes to Santa when he felt sick. But he was not on the field yet. “Fortunately, it got caught in the bud. Later, there would be a risk that the intestine would burst, “he commented Bartoška, which was operated on at the University Hospital Brno on November 15, […]

Benefits of the Appendix, the Body Organs Considered ‘Useless’

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Over the centuries, many people have assumed that Appendix does not have the slightest use for the body. Its presence is only considered a ‘complement’. However, a number of scientists continue to try to find the benefits of appendicitis. The appendix or appendix is ​​a thin tube located in the right […]

8 facts you should know about appendicitis surgery – Appendicitis is a condition Appendix inflamed or even infected. Appendix has a 3 to 6 inch pocket-like structure that sits on the lower right of the abdomen. Reporting from health grades, (17/9/2020), appendicitis there is a risk of causing the appendix to burst, and if not treated immediately can result in death. When […]

5 Symptoms of Appendicitis and How to Distinguish It from Other Diseases

Jakarta: The symptoms of appendicitis are not visible directly from the outside. However, if your appendix is ​​not treated as soon as possible, the appendix you are experiencing will burst. This can cause your organs to be exposed to toxins that are inside Appendix the. For that, it is very necessary for you to know […]