Banten Beat – Makes you excited! NASA Mars Robot Says Goodbye Phrases Before ‘Death’ TECHNOLOGY — A robot from the US space agency NASA called InSight recently uploaded a tweet that was enough to attract the attention of netizens.

InSight or short for Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations wrote its last message before the robot “died”.

“I am low on energy so this may be the last photo I can send. Don’t worry about me as my time here has also been very productive and serene. If I could keep in touch with my mission team I would , but I will probably ‘die’ here immediately. Thanks for being with me,” he wrote, quoted by Indozone Wednesday (21/12/2022).

Please note that each NASA robot on Mars has its own lifespan even though the robots are equipped with solar panels to get an additional supply of energy.

InSight’s tweet also caught the attention of many netizens on Twitter. Even if it is just a robot, many netizens are saddened by the impending “death”. (Aip)

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