How to Own an Apartment with a Monthly Installment of Only 500 Riyals in 5 Years

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The real estate expert, “Engineer Ahmed Al-Faqih, revealed the fact of owning an apartment with a monthly installment of only 500 riyals per month. Al-Faqih said in a video clip that he posted on his Twitter account, “I bring you very wonderful news for those who like to seize opportunities,” Can you imagine […]

Paula Echevarría has the two pieces of “sequins” she asks for for Christmas

The holidays are around the corner and little by little one of the most feared moments of these dates is approaching: choosing an outfit for all the evenings we have. Dinners with friends, reunions, lunches that extend after dinner and evenings to celebrate everything. For this reason there is no better inspiration for our looks […]

The fifth dose against Covid is new in the city and there is a curious fact

Porteños over the age of 50 can be beefed up without notice. At the same time, more than a thousand people a day in the country still apply the first dose. The vaccination campaign against Covid is about to take place two years in Argentina. A few days ago the health authorities summoned all those […]

Scientists claim that Mars had a large ocean, hence evidence of traces of life – Two scientists from the United States (USA) have revealed that they have found evidence of the existence of an ancient large ocean in the northern region of Mars. The discovery of the ancient great ocean shows that Mars once had the right conditions to sustain life. The two scientists were able to find […]

Four out of ten people in Castellón have insurance to pay for their funeral

four out of ten the people of Castellón have the protection of a Sure of dead who, when the time comes, will pay the expenses associated with a deathlike the wake or the burial. Specifically, the 38.28% of the province’s population has this coverageas can be seen from the We are Safe report by the […]

Conquer the climate crisis and the health crisis with Tempe

Tempeh illustration. © Pixabay / Star_Galaxy – Season changes are becoming more and more irregular is a problem that we now have to face every day. This condition can cause nights to be colder and days warmer with extreme changes. The climate crisis is not only affecting us in Indonesia, but the whole world […]

Benefits of UHT milk for health, good for teeth health – Milk it is a food ingredient with high nutritional value, because it contains high levels of chemical elements necessary for the body such as Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Ribolflavin. Milk has a high nutritional content, the composition of milk is made up of 87.1% water, 5% lactose, 3.9% fat, 3.3% […]