“Middle East Newspaper: James Webb Telescope Captures Stunning Space Imagery”

See what the James Webb Telescope captured in space 2023/03/16 The US space agency “NASA” published a recent image taken by the James Webb Space Telescope, which showed a huge star on the brink of death as it released huge amounts of hot gas into space. NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope explained what the star […]

“Utilizing Next-Generation Mosquito Nets as per WHO’s Recommendation in the Fight against Malaria” – Donga Science

A family in Côte d’Ivoire living inside a mosquito net. Provided by Yonhap News The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended the use of next-generation mosquito nets to combat malaria-carrying mosquitoes. Since 2005, more than 2 billion insecticide-treated mosquito nets have been distributed worldwide to prevent malaria. However, this is because mosquitoes have become resistant […]

“Boeing” planes added to Saudi Arabia and Riyadh fleets: 121 in total

A day after announcing its launch, “Riyadh Airlines” announced yesterday (Tuesday) its first fleet deals, which are based on sustainability, by concluding an agreement with the American company “Boeing” to manufacture 72 “787-9” Dreamliner aircraft. This request coincided with the conclusion of the Saudi Arabian Airlines, the national carrier, an agreement to manufacture 39 Boeing […]

Saint Joseph: Our Father and Lord

Saint Joseph for non-believers and especially for believers must be a source of inspiration for a full life. José realizes that María his wife is pregnant. José, who loved María so much, decides to disown her in secret. Joseph in a dream receives the message from the angel of the Lord and tells him that […]

Lebanese “Justice” Demands Riad Salameh’s Arrest and Property Seizure

The Lebanese “Justice” requests the “arrest” of Riad Salameh and the confiscation of his property The central ruler was absent from his interrogation session and was summoned again today Thursday – 24 Shaaban 1444 AH – March 16, 2023 AD Issue number [ 16179] From the security measures in front of the Palace of Justice […]

Amorim releases squad for London without Bellerín (Sporting)

Sporting are leaving for London, where tomorrow they face Arsenal in the second leg of the round of 16 of the Europa League (2-2 in Alvalade). Those summoned were not disclosed, but it was possible to identify them upon arrival at the airport – a delegation led by President Frederico Varandas. In addition to Coates […]

Witness a genuine cohabitation moment of Turkish celebrity Handa Artechel, hailed from the bathroom scene of “You Knock on My Door,” that creates a stir in the Arab region and amasses millions of views.

Thank you for your interest in the news about a real cohabitation scene with Turkish star Handa Artechel from the bathroom in the series “You Knock on My Door”, which sparked a sensation in the Arab world and reaped millions of views! (Look now) on the Gulf website now Riyadh – Ruwaida bin Abbas – […]

The hero arrived just as her mother gave birth to her.. Al-Daloua Shams, a Kuwaiti, displays her beauty in a bikini in a strong way, in a special photo session that showed the strength of her beauty

Yasser Al-Jarjoura Yasser worked as a former director of the content and contents department in Gulf 24, which is the department responsible for providing reliable and simplified health information to Gulf 24 surfers. This is done by selecting the content, passing through supervising its formulation to facilitate its delivery to the reader, and even ensuring […]

Sporting-Liverpool DIRETO (Youth League)

This Tuesday, Sporting hosts Liverpool in a single match for the Youth League quarter-finals, which we follow live. To reach this stage, Sporting beat Ajax, while Liverpool eliminated FC Porto. It should be remembered that Filipe Celikkaya cannot use Fatawu (he scored 3 goals in the 5-1 victory over the Dutch), as he has already […]