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Shannen Doherty says her stage IV breast cancer is ‘part of life right now’ ⋆ RD Virtual

Shannen Doherty has been open about every step of her breast cancer experience since her diagnosis in 2015. And now that her cancer has returned and is stage IV, Doherty shared that the disease is simply a part of her life.

“My husband [photographer Kurt Iswarienko] says you would never know I have cancer, ”said Doherty, 50, during a virtual panel in support of his next move. List of a lifetime, by People. “I never really complain. I’m not really talking about it. It’s part of life right now. “

In fact, Doherty said she would like more people to understand that people with stage IV cancer are capable of leading normal lives. “I feel like I have a responsibility in my more public life, which I separate from my life as an actress… talking about cancer and maybe educating people more and letting them know that people with stage IV are very alive and very active”, said. he said, according to People.

Doherty first revealed her cancer diagnosis in 2015 and shared that her cancer went into remission in 2017. But in February 2020, Doherty said her cancer had returned and was stage IV, meaning it had likely spread to other parts of your body.

Of course, different people have different experiences with cancer depending on the type, stage, and other factors. Cancer symptoms in this advanced stage are usually related to where the cancer is in the body, explains the National Cancer Institute. For example, someone whose cancer has spread to the lungs may have trouble breathing, and symptoms such as headaches and dizziness may be caused by cancer in the brain. But stage IV cancer (also called metastatic cancer) does not always have noticeable symptoms, and again, each person’s experience may be different.

In Doherty’s new movie, List of a lifetime, the protagonist is diagnosed with breast cancer, reconnects with her daughter, and makes a wish list. But Doherty isn’t interested in making her own wish lists. “I’m like there is no wish list because I am going to be the longest living person with cancer,” he said. “If I had to say one, it would just be living. That’s the only thing on my list right now. “




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